The Basics

What are the basics to feeling good and healthy in regard to your spiritual wellness? There are a few. These are issues that may be visited a few times or may need daily attention. This depends on how you manage your spiritual energy, stress and self-care.

Your aura may contain muddy or unhealthy colors, holes or tears and etheric cords.

The colors of your aura should be crystal clear and bright like the sun being captured by a suncatcher. Each color of your aura represents some integral parts of who you are so there may be several differing colors all throughout your energy field. The intensity is important. Many visualization exercises will lead you to brightening your aura colors to an intensity so bright that it may be difficult to look at directly. A beautiful gold versus a gold that can be seen from outer space! There are many exercises on the internet or if you already follow some trusted, spiritual advisors they may offer aura clearing and intensifying meditations. You may simply envision yourself in the White Light of the Divine and boost the clarity and intensity to something brighter and brighter. Remember to boost your aura all around not just the front of your body.

Tears, leaks or holes are another concern with your aura. This issue will drain your energy perhaps to the point of irritability or exhaustion. Many holes or perforations are in areas of high stress such as the tailbone, the shoulders, the solar plexus, your stomach and sometimes your joints. This may be due to unchecked stress, illness or even another person sending dark energy to you. Again. a good spiritual advisor will have a way to address the state of your aura. Meditations for the health of your aura are common. You may also visualize your body with a continuous flush of healing White Light until a point where you believe you have sufficiently loosened and cast off any damaging injuries to your aura. Then build up the clarity and intensity of White Light until you believe your spiritual being shines out into your area for miles.

Etheric cords are from one person to another in response to some relationship. Family members have cords to one another, people who have bad history have cords and people who have been significant to you at one point in life also have cords. They are energy cords that have colors which represent the type of resonance that they are created from. Bad cords are dark, muddy, toxic and will drain you of your essence. All cords are nonessential and should be released. Cords between family members may have better colors but they are not positive or recommended. Many people say that etheric cords are fear based. It may be a spouse is fearful of giving you too much freedom so their cord is tense and resistive to change. A cord from your mother may have conditions of wanting to control you. “Do this, not that.” Get this job and marry that type of person. You will most likely have a cord from someone who has harmed or victimized you. You may have not seen this person in many years but the cord is still present.

Releasing cords is always recommended. There are many cord cutting exercises on the internet. This is one exercise you may have to repeat from time to time. Be aware that cords do not want to be cut. You may feel insecure or uneasy after cutting cords and detaching them. You may reconnect them, whether conscious or subconscious, and may feel relaxed or back to normal. This is a false sense of security. Cords are harmful and must be released. After a certain length of time and committing to cutting all of your cords you will feel balanced and healthy again.

Another issue which may impact your wellbeing is having a fractured soul. Throughout life you may have left pieces of your soul in certain places or people you have connected with. Leaving pieces of your soul behind implies that there was an event of high emotions which impacted you very deeply. There are many exercises to bring all of your soul fragments back to you. These exercises may be redone at intervals in order to bring back more distant or obscure pieces and assimilate them back together.

The events of this phenomena don’t have to be negative. It could have been a special time in life or happy event. Bringing your soul fragments back together will not impact the emotions you have regarding the event itself. Memories are still intact but your overall health and wellbeing are greatly improved. As with any energy exercise, cleanse, clear and clarify your soul after bringing any fragments back. Envision the intensity of your soul as Divine, intense, bright White Light and keep it illuminated for an extended period of time.

Another basic state of wellness is being grounded to God and Mother Earth. Grounding exercises are common. There are so many options that you may easily find an exercise that resonates with you. Think of being whole and healthy and moving throughout life. You may have a clear aura and complete soul but if you are not grounded you are not properly connected in a way that allows you to function optimally. You’d be loose and disconnected. Kind of ambling around like a tumble weed. This is not desirable. Little may get done because you feel floaty and disorganized. Some people enjoy this sensation but it is not conducive to being spiritually successful and attaining your goals in life.

Many people use the visualization of sending roots from the souls of your feet into the ground. This is good but you also must send a cord from the top of your head up into the Divine Realm and connect to God. This connection to both realms will allow you to function optimally. You will be the perfect spiritual connector between both essential energies. What God wants for you will be in prefect balance with your connection to our Mother. A perfect energetic relationship. Tumble weeds are intended to tumble, this is their existence. Humans are not intended to tumble. We came into this life to find balance in our relationship with all energies that promote our lives and aid us in meeting our life goals. We exist on earth, thus a connection is essential. We were created by God, this connection is essential as well. The beauty of these relationships are awe inspiring.

The basics refer to a good place to start in managing your spiritual health and wellbeing. Your aura, soul and being grounded are deeply essential to who you are and where you are going in life. Much of what you may want to accomplish will not be possible if you have integral defects in your aura, soul and connection to God and Mother Earth.

It is recommended that you do a topic search on this website. Seek further information on auras, cords, the soul, being grounded and many other topics of interest, There are many posts providing information you may find essential to improved health and spiritual wellbeing. Some of my content is channeled. Some of it is my own experience and knowledge.

Be well and go with God.

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