The Pressure of 2020

The stress of the Coronavirus and the many areas of our lives that have been impacted have created an intense pressure situation for us. What you may or may not realize is that the extremes in how people behave, respond and react were likely issues that were there all along.

Many of us manage our lives as long as things are fairly expected. Then if stress comes along, our feelings of security and self-confidence may lessen whether we realize it or not. We may always have feelings of paranoia or mistrust but stress will heighten them. We also may be suspicious of law enforcement, government or the medical field. What we are seeing now is the exaggerated behavior of people who have little or no reserves in coping left.

This cycle of behavior will also ebb and flow in response to the demands of daily life. Many of us hit rock bottom a few times in the era of Coronavirus. Then, when we recover some ability to cope, something else changes. Our normal safe places may not be so safe anymore. Many people have changes in their employment, childcare, health, finances and other important aspects of life. Our stability has taken some major hits and some of us may not have had a great deal of emotional health to begin with.

What is true of many people in our lives is that paranoia is very common. Many people keep these ideas closely under wraps to exist in work, school, the grocery store, the doctors office… With little reserves in coping, ideas of suspicion, fear and conspiracy may be presented more boldly to the people around you. Then, people find others who are experiencing these same fears of being at risk and they heighten one another in private or public. Many of us are taken back by the seemingly irrational behavior that we see daily. These thoughts were always there and were also being taught and modeled to their children, we just didn’t realize it.

What does God want you to know.

  1. Nothing is handed to you that you are unable to cope with.
  2. God created Western Medicine and healers.
  3. Anything in life is manageable through faith and perspective.
  4. No one is above illness. Prayer alone is not enough to protect and heal you.
  5. Resilience may wane and require an increased effort.
  6. No one culture is above another. Unless the culture worships dark entities.
  7. Racism is fear and shows a lack of faith in God.
  8. Violence is not warranted in the majority of all situations between humans.
  9. We teach and raise up our children for their generation to be better than ours.
  10. Humans created government. We have a responsibility to see that our creation is productive.

This era of fear was unexpected by most of us. Our response is best when placed in the perspective of belief, faith and understanding of God. What we experience is what God has intended. Do you learn and prosper or embrace fear and falter? Each problem will test our faith. Will we absorb ourselves and our loved ones in fear and darkness or will we gather together and offer support and encouragement? This is a daily choice for some of us. True strength lies in faith.

We have spoken of terminal illness before. Each instance of incurable disease is meant to test us and our loved ones, over and over. No one gives up immediately. There are stages of grief for ourselves and those we love. This situation fits into this dynamic as well. What do we believe about the virus? How much control do we feel we have in response to it? Are we open to wearing masks, social distancing and the new vaccines? What do we have to learn? What do we have to teach?

All of this is a test of your faith and resilience in your belief in God. There may be some precautions you are okay with and others you don’t want any part of. If you deny any truth to this pandemic then you may be tested on more levels than others. You may have friends and family that are positive for the virus, then does your response change? Then you may lose a loved one to the virus, then how do you feel? Has anything caused you to change your perspective or do you hold steadfast in your beliefs? Then, you may test positive for the virus. Now has your opinions changed? Then what is your next test? Do you recover in some manner? How do you feel now? Or, do you succumb to this illness and return Home?

Can you imagine meeting your guides and loved ones and explain that you chose not to learn from any experience, change or loss related to the Coronavirus. This may be something to think about now. Where do you stand on the spectrum of virus preparedness or denial? If you had to explain your thinking to an observer, do you stand firm in your current beliefs? Is there room for learning, flexibility and caution? More importantly, are you able to tell an observer what and how you are teaching your children and those of the next generation about this time in our lives? Does your perspective hold up? Or, do you recognize some lapses in your judgement or belief?

What does all of this mean? You are a child of God. You are being tested by an unusual event in the medical field. You have had ample opportunity to adjust and prepare. Your soul has had many such tests throughout eternity.

The truth is likely better than worse. You are here on a site that has an obvious reference to God in the title. Your faith is likely modest or better. Your ability to lead and follow is made stronger by your belief in God. What is hoped is that you understand that even a strong faith will not protect you from illness or disease. In fact, the stronger your faith, the more you may be tested by conflict and contrast. This illness will ravage your body and if you survive you may have lasting damage. If you do not survive, you have taught others about love, faith, perspective and triumph. Going Home is not a bad thing. Living by being modest, careful, knowledgeable and practical is even better.

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