The Gift of Love

It is a far better deed to give love than to receive. People “want” and “need” but rarely look at exactly what it is that they want and need. Sometimes we just need someone to know how we think and feel. It is that companionship that makes us feel loved and that someone cares about us.

You want someone to know when you struggle, tire and feel overwhelmed. You also want someone to know when you love, overcome and accomplish. You may think you need “this” or “that” but you may just need someone to notice what you go through and acknowledge when you have made progress.

If you lack this kind of interest from loved ones you may feel that life is empty. It may not be empty but actually void of some simple things that you believe you need. There is a difference.

Some of what you lack you may actually provide for yourself. You may have gone on for days, months or even years feeling that you lack “someone” when you only lack some basic support. By rewriting your self-talk you may give yourself some love and nurturing that will make a world of difference in your everyday life. Loneliness isn’t as lonely when you realize that you have everything that you need.

Start a habit of being super nice to you. Be pleasant, positive and hopeful. Always look at the bright side. Never disparage, chastise or demean you. Be your own best friend. This is a good place to start when you want a fuller life with more love and joy. If you notice your inner dialog becoming negative again, stop it and become super nice again.

Every day-

  1. State that you feel well and look good.
  2. Be encouraged by stating you have abundant positive energy to accomplish everything that you need to do.
  3. Comment to yourself that you enjoy the company of the people in your life.
  4. Remind yourself that your work is fulfilling, positive and allows you to express your creativity.
  5. Enjoy your commute to work, preparing a meal, exercising, chatting with loved ones… Tell yourself that every action in your life brings you joy and love.
  6. Smile more.
  7. Release your need to be angry with people you don’t even know. Strangers in traffic, at the coffee shop, in the elevator, at the store… Let your anger go. These people mean nothing to your life and your chart. You are giving them some of your personal power by focusing on them.
  8. Keep your strength in your core and add to it, never take any away.
  9. Walk with energy and purpose. By greeting the Universe in this way more positive events and emotions will come to you.
  10. Always be thankful. Express gratitude for everything that impacts your life both positive and negative. Everything is intended to teach you and the problems actually teach you more than the successes. With joy and gratitude, each event will fill your being to overflowing.

Celebrate every day that you remember to add depth, acceptance and gratitude.

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