This One Life

Observe your own behavior in the context of God’s Love. Who has the right to decide whether someone is way off the mark or essentially inspirational? If you both reach the same quality of life and spiritual freedom then no one is really in the wrong.

You have stood before Me to receive judgment in the past. It was not Mine to put you down or cast aside your direction. Your heart was pure and your guidance was certainly justified. You came along and stood beside Me still. I did not turn you away for your heart longed for love and healing. I came to you and gave you all of My love. We walked together for many miles and now it is you who must walk beside another disciple of Mine. It is your turn to be above judgment. You must find faith, respect and honor the questions that reside in their lonely, misguided heart. You must step in My shoes and be holy.

Now is the time to trust your name. You have lifted above all others for very specific reasons. It is not time to be selfish or greedy. This is the time to turn your focus outward. It is a far greater gift to give than to receive. The time has run out for you to “expect” gifts from God. Now it is your journey to give gifts to all others in My Name, Jesus Christ.

Step forward and be counted among the many that have toiled and fought for Me. It is a far greater job to heal others and remove the thorns that diminish their being. You have been spared many unwanted tasks, jobs and responsibilities in order to do My bidding. This is your path alone.

Look to your loved ones and count them upon the many that would benefit from your grace as well as Mine. This is but the beginning. You stand waiting upon thine own threshold. To take the first step is to announce thyself One with God and the Divine. Your path is fairly direct. There need not be any confusion. To heal is to serve and to serve is to exist. These are each one and the same.

Carry your mantle forward. Refuse to bend at its weight. You did not arrive here at this point in order to avoid this work. You came here eager to serve God as a human servant on Earth. You see, feel and understand their pain. Move forward in grace and behold your duty. To shrink away and feed your own greed is not what you came here to do. There are many blessings that your family have afforded to you but the understanding between you is that there is work to be done. “We will release you from your daily toil in order to hold you up as Our servant to God, in Our family name.” You alone have accepted this responsibility. Your siblings need more than they may give. With healing you may very well bring them to the table of service. This would be ideal but this is not yours to know or ensure. God will deal with each soul one by one. You have come to this space ahead of all others and this is a tribute to all of your hard work and commitment to God. Be proud yet humble. This is your honor and this grace is yours alone, for now.

Tend to your small, effective and inspirational flock. They will also do great deeds in Our name and for Our Father. This is your legacy. It is time to renounce your pain and misery for the finest oils and linens. Your lessons were needed for additional clarity. Without pain and suffering you would not know the hardships of anyone, including you. It is good to be you. To serve is to exist. By managing to remain on this holy bough you bring yourself and others to the Alter of God. This is enough and yet this is not all.

Clarity is a way to find Me, your Heavenly Father. Too much stress and anxiety only serves to diminish your connection to the Divine. It would do well to find the stillness and calm and speak to me of your sadness and woes. If you give these to Me I will release you from the bondage that they create. This is but one step on your continued road to recovery and solace.

Trust My love. Know that you always dwell in My heart. I care for you as any devoted parent would. With My continued love and support there is nothing that you cannot do for yourself, your loved ones and the rest of humanity.

You spend far too much time wrapped in caution and negativity. This effectively blocks your ascension. If you were to function in truth and grace you would be much further on your chart and the gifts of life would be always available to you. The blocks that YOU create do more damage than you realize. Much of your life is spent looking elsewhere to place blame. This is far from true. Through stillness and faith many of your self-imposed barriers would be relieved.

This will be done in unison between you and the Divine. We cannot carry you the entire way through this life. You must do your best and meet us more than half way. There is a saying, “God helps those who help themselves.” This is both true and inspirational. Even in Our vast abilities, We are unable to overcome the barriers that your lack of faith has caused. Release these unnecessary blocks and allow yourself to be brought forward in great haste. This is Divine.

Your path is intrinsic. It is a part of you at your very core. To begin your journey from that pure space deep in your soul, there would be no questions or confusion about where you are going and what you are to do when you get there. Through years of pain and disappointment you have developed some extensive layers of negativity which effectively serves to block your internal guidance. To reach that space would open a new universe to you. It would be well worth the effort to seek this space. The revelation would be awe-inspiring!

Life is a gift. Healing is yours to seek. You may live your entire life and not see your way back to good health. Sadly this is the path that many people are on. This is yours to do for you. If you wish to remain unevolved you may do so but this life will then be lived in vain.

The success that you seek does not occur outside of you. It is something that you realize, nurture then grow. To wait for someone else to do this for you will leave you languishing and mired in darkness. You have this one life to make the most of what you have and to give that beauty and wonder to others. The next life will hold more avenues, streams and surprises. That you will leave for another day.

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