Search & Rescue

You are always where God may find you and bring you back home. You just have to want to be brought back. No one may bring you back against your wishes. As we have said before, you may come back to God even in the last moments of this earth life. You are not judged and you have every opportunity to seek absolution. No one will ever question your motives.

ABSOLUTION is a word that always captures your attention. This is what you truly seek. You always want to know that you have the ability to give up all of your negative behavior and return home in Heaven. We purposely do not use the word “sin.” As we have stated in the past, your life is a culmination of positive and negative energy. If your life consists mostly of good emotions and actions, you are closer in vibration to the Divine. If your thoughts and behavior reflect negative aspects of life, you have drifted further away from God.

We won’t label you as good or evil. These extremes are unnecessary and evoke too much fear. Your collective energy is positive or negative. It is also possible to be fairly moderate in your energy profile. You may have a mix of opposing thoughts and behavior leaving you closer to a midline.

Midline is good. We don’t judge or question. You may be fairly confident that your energy is fairly moderate in between the two poles and this is ok. Wherever you fall in this continuum, you always have the potential to embrace God. This is fact. Perhaps embracing this truth will help alleviate the fear that you feel when discussing your behavior and the afterlife. The fear is what clouds your ability to choose right above wrong.

If you had clarity, there would be no fear and you would behave in a manner that represents who you are at the time. This is genuine.

Even if your first step toward absolution is being genuine, we would applaud this choice and provide you with more options to choose a higher path. Be genuine and honest and we can absolutely work with that! This would be a grand place to start but you need to release your fear before this would be possible. You are never judged and you have the freedom to choose your behavior at any time, this should divert any need to fear.

You rescue kittens and you are not judged. You avoid caring for your elderly mother and you are not judged. You volunteer serving meals to the homeless and you are not judged. You loot homes and businesses after a tragic hurricane and you are not judged. It really is this simple. There is right and wrong but you have the freedom to choose. Always.

Set aside any worry or anxiety. You judge your own action, that is not our way. It has been said that worry is a lack of faith in God. This is true. If you were to release the shackles of fear, you would see that life and its choices are far simpler than what you make it out to be.

You decide midline on the continuum of spiritual energy is ok for now, that is fine. Even if you choose more instances of negativity and still believe this is your truth that is also ok. If we could pick you up as a newborn and carry you to the alter of God, what would we accomplish? What have you learned in that brief trip? There would be no point. This irony is lost upon you and that is good as well.

You came into this life to learn a series of lessons. You then engage in the negative earth environment and energies that push you into darker territory. You are impacted with nature and nurture. Then, when you are an adult you have the ability to choose the energy of your thoughts and behavior. Once you establish your own accountability, the direction of your life is your own choosing. Shockingly simple isn’t it?

Refuse to fall victim to fear, ego, jealousy, anger… Cut the emotional ties to any false beliefs about absolution and decide when you want to increase your vibration and grow closer to God. All of this without any outside judgement. To cloud this simple arrangement with anything but love and appreciation would be needless. Recognize your tendency to be worried or afraid and stop allowing it. You are responsible for you. End your bad habits and deal with life absent of unnecessary emotions. Stay connected to God and refuse to be held hostage by negativity.

Keep it simple. Choose to do good and be good. When unnecessary fears arise, banish them and choose to do good and be good. Be embraced by our love and always know that we are here.




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