Another Step Forward

It has taken this long to finally convince some of you that you are never alone. Perhaps the image was helpful? This has always been true. You are surrounded by guides and loved ones who have only your best interests at heart. They want the highest and best for you in this life and all of your lives past and future.

Many of your fears and distractions are unfounded and only serve to derail your progress. It is this drama that keeps you from gaining progress on your chart. If you had the focus to release all of these distracting stimuli, you would calmly and quietly follow your path. You never came into this life to engage in drama. It is part of the earth energy that tends to block and derail you. It is this negative confusion that you expected when you wrote this chart. You had every intention to stay focused despite the negative energy dogma that represents what earth is about.

The GOOD NEWS is that this is not your true home! Isn’t that a relief? Just imagine the disappointment that would accompany the realization that earth was simply all there is? That would be a real downer. Take heart and know that your true home is bliss. Everything that you naturally think of when you envision Heaven.

Love is part of everything that you are, feel and exist in.

The beings that are with you would probably surprise you. They are not usually loved ones from this life alone. Many times they are loved ones from different lives. In all likelihood they are probably your best friends. They care enough about you to stay beside you through this trying time. This is a true commitment. This is something that each being would carefully consider before making this agreement with you. Then you may have agreed to stand beside them in their next incarnation. After all, you are best friends.

You also have contracted with your soul group. The people that comprise your friends, family and other loved ones are likely part of this soul group. You all charted this existence to teach and learn from each other. They may stay beside you for entire lifetime or they may have charted being with you for a significant period of time. Parents and siblings are definitely soul group members. When one may say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree this could be in reference to many shared life experiences.

Your agreement with your loved ones may also vary. You would learn from conflict and contrast. You may also learn from true companionship. Then, you may also alternate between two extremes. The important matter is that you both agreed to share some part of this experience to better each other.

The hardest part of these agreements is that the person who harmed you the most was likely your best teacher. If you review some of your relationships you may be surprised by who ends up being significant to the person you are right now. These individuals may have caused years of heartache and pain but without them you would not have learned so much. “Thank you,” may be the furthest thing from your mind!

Your soul needs such contrast to learn the lessons that you have charted. A simple, quiet life would teach you very little. A deep love may be the best outcome of this uneventful life. You didn’t come here for “uneventful.”

This is such a significant time in the history of earth. We are about to make our own planet completely uninhabitable. The earth will not end, WE will end. It is very likely that we will have another realm to inhabit and hopefully we will care for her better than what we have done here.

It has been said that earth is the least pleasant of our options when we choose to incarnate. This is the honors school of our universe. Yay for us!? What this translates to is that we are far enough advanced that we came here to achieve greater growth. We didn’t go to utopia because we wanted to challenge ourselves. Now that this is becoming clearer to you, why are you trying to pamper yourself and avoid the toughest lessons? You are a high achiever. You have better things to do than skip out on some tough experiences.

What are the 2 most important things that will get you through all of this?



All of it is manageable. Even a terminal illness is intended to teach you and those around you. This is one of the most difficult lessons to accept. Why would someone dying of a tragic illness be ok? Because of the lessons that they are learning about their own life choices and what you are learning about supporting them as they cope with their condition. It is a process that everyone involved goes through.

Imagine being a victim of Harvey or Irma? People are interviewed and they mostly state that they are happy to be alive and they appreciate that their loved ones have survived as well. Material possessions can be replaced. You can buy more clothes, get a good meal, celebrate another birthday… none of this would occur if you did not survive. This teaches you the value of human life. It is a harsh lesson but it is still a lesson.

What is another lesson of this disaster? It brings us all together as a global community. We love, we care, we support and we offer help. We cry when we read the news stories and we may say a prayer for those who are suffering. Disaster defies the lines between race, religion, culture, lifestyle… Perhaps the most baffling is that the people impacted by these storms actually charted this. Why? Because they are the strongest and they knew they would persevere. This is a gold medal round. The stories of survival will cause you to marvel at their resilience.

What if they didn’t survive? This is a series of lessons as well. What can you learn from those who perished? A mountain of knowledge. What did they do right and what did they do wrong? You may learn a lot about tropical storms, evacuation, where to go to stay safe, what to do with your pets, not to feel anguish if you evacuated for no reason… How many times did you hear about Katrina? Yes! Katrina was an awesome lesson about how to handle Harvey and Irma. This is the whole point. We came here to learn and this was a powerful lesson. The tragedy would be if we have learned nothing from this.

Perhaps the simplest way to explain that people chart their involvement in tragedy would be 9/11. If you remember the numerous stories about people who missed their flight, called in sick to work, changed their plans at the last minute and felt uneasy and somehow avoided either a plane trip or being at ground zero. These were the people who did not chart death in this terror tragedy. They may have charted some reprieve, survivors’ guilt, personal loss, death of co-workers or loved ones, financial loss or even the illness that plagued the first responders. There were many different roles that we all played in that event and we may remember where we were when it happened. Then, there were a multitude of responses. This was all intended. The lessons were tragic and hard-won.

Why is any of this ok? Because we are greater than this earth life. We have agreements, commitments and soul groups. This is where faith and perspective make the difference between languishing as a victim or succeeding as a survivor. This is about continuing to move forward. Learning the lessons at hand and making better progress the next time around.

Treasure the emotional growth that came with any of these disasters. If you have been terribly injured by something, you chose to learn through it. How many heroes have we seen this past week? These are fellow travelers who chose great triumph over loss and destruction. They have given of themselves to respond with honor and we are capable of making these same choices in our own trials. We are here to survive and overcome. We are the hero in our own story. This is as it should be.


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