Outside of You

How do you feel about religion? Does it serve to guide and comfort you? Is it more of a chore you engage in just to ensure your destination after death? Your spirituality is not intended to be a chore. It is meant to uplift you, show you the way of God in the world and offer you guidance in order to learn & prosper.

The guidelines are pliable. You learn them in order to adapt them to your lifestyle. You have a lot of freedom in how you use our guidance. As long as you are not stagnant, many choices are still yours. It is also beneficial to be honest, caring, supportive, charitable and send love into the world. The balance between you and the rest of creation is individual.

A common mistake is to exist without any balance between you and the rest of the Universe. Many people are insular. They focus inward and seek interaction with the world in order to benefit themselves. This is far too common. Even religious people may behave in this same manner. They will love God but they want it to be a reflection of themselves. Notice how perfect they are. They are loving and charitable but they also seek recognition. They never act simply to act. They want someone to know of their benevolence.

They busy themselves with the finer things in life and surround themselves with precious items. They find themselves above all others. They feign surprise. “Look how wonderful I have become!” This lofty attitude may have risen out of ego but these people may have actually started out very genuine. With success, yes even spiritual success, the ego grows out of proportion. There is an accumulation of money, recognition or other material rewards and the perspective changes. It turns into a one-sided flow of accolades and attention.

It is good to seek knowledge and spiritual advancement but always remain humble. Stay grounded and remember where you came from. You started out with injuries and turmoil just like everyone else. The gifts will continue to flow if you remember that you are a conduit for God’s love. You are the messenger. Keep your ego in check and continue to prosper in order to serve others.

You are the vessel through which the beauty flows. Improving your health and well-being makes you a better conduit. You receive the Word and more easily pass it along. Being stagnant in fat, sugar and unnecessary calories doesn’t help. It is also a good thing to stay active and commune with others of like mind. This is good for you but also good for the work you are destined to do.

Recall our discussion of your “core.” It is the center of your being through the top of your head out through your tailbone directly down your midline. Envision a core that is cluttered with grief, anger, selfishness and petty behavior. The Divine flow will not easily pass through this core. There is too much debris in the way. After making changes in your health, energy level and receptivity to God, the flow of Divine passes smoothly through.

You are able to receive this Light. Fill with bright and beautiful energy. Allow emotional and spiritual healing. Make drastic changes to your life in accordance with God. This is one outcome. Then envision accepting the Light of God to mend your mind, body and soul. Then, you send this Light into the world. This is the next possible step. You are here in this site likely to rebuild and heal yourself. Then, our desire is for you to begin to heal your family, friends, community, the people of the world and the global environment. It is all about you and yet it isn’t just about you!

Some people get stuck converting to a global mentality. Especially if you have had some trying times in your life. Being wounded and frail tends to make you focus only upon you. Your tendency is to feed your healing and continue to move inward. Injury to your physical, emotional or spiritual self makes you want healing but also layers of success, prosperity and enrichment. You build walls of better health and well-being to counteract your time of lack or need. You may forget to balance the inner and outer world. This is understandable. Now, we want you to take that next step and begin to heal the world around you.

The more love and caring you have for life, the better your acceptance of Divine energy and blessings. You benefit from taking care of yourself and others. You may not be at this point yet and that is ok. We merely want to know that there is another step beyond making repairs to your own life. You still gain and benefit from God’s love. Only your benefit is compounded and will grow exponentially.  Then, you may join a group of like-minded people and your healing energy for the world will grow even more. This is the next step on your ascension.

It is possible to advance on your own but the outcome is limited. Finding others who feel and believe similar to you will cause your inner and outer growth to bloom wildly. At this point it is more than ok to change groups or start your own. If you find you don’t completely resonate with the thoughts and actions of others in one particular group, please don’t stop there.

A good place to begin your journey is to attend a meditation group. You will learn how to calm your inner self in order to receive Divine inspiration. This is very important. If you try to connect to your Higher Self without finding stillness first you will get inaccurate, insincere or needlessly negative information. Be certain that any group you join does a prayer or exercises for protection from negative energy. If the thoughts and feelings don’t resonate with you, find another one. Be mindful that being open to God and spirit will bring unfamiliar feelings. The group may not be a bad one but you may not be familiar with this type of energy. It is ok to start out small and build strength over time.

No one ever stops learning. There is always a next step. We are here to guide you and we will take the next few steps together. You are not alone. You have an entourage of guides, angels, higher beings and departed loved ones around you every moment of your life.


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