Your Human Truth

With the birth of a child the world won over darkness. The sun rose on a new world and the people saw hope. As the believers hurried about to honor the child, hopes & dreams replaced darkness and chaos.

The world was still new. There were no messengers or heralders that could bridge the gaps of oceans and seas. Word would travel but not with the speed of today’s technology. Word would come but the timing was delayed or detracted. Even this auspicious news of our savior having arrived would come to some well before reaching others.

This is just the same as it is today. There are those who have been saved and others who have yet to get the word.

If you accept that God exists and has a Holy Hand in each life, then you are better off than many others who have yet to embrace this “truth.” Think of the lost and lonely days when you did not yet understand the purpose of this life. You felt alone. Each day lacked meaning. You walked the walk but did not seem to get the point of “why?”

It seemed like everyone else was having a better time. They busied themselves with school and earning money. You never grasped that lifestyle. You felt that there had to be something more.

Now you are here. You understood there were answers for the questions about life. You now know where to begin and why. You have a place to start. You know that you don’t walk this path alone. There is a comfort that comes with having faith. Everything has a reason and it all matters. You just have to keep moving forward.

You’re on this path now. You have found these words and taken value in this guidance. You have come so much further than others and this should give you a sense of security. You have found the Light even when others have marched back and forth to church for years and still not “know.” You understand your value despite lacking a church, temple or other house of worship. You have come to this place and know that you worship, believe in and have faith in God inside of yourself.

You have been touched deeply by love. You have been given so many necessary answers and many more clues and direction. You don’t have to go anywhere in order to worship God, the Creator or whatever you call that Divine being from which all life flows. You have touched that spiritual space that dwells inside of you. Looking at the world today and everything that people go through, you know that there is a purpose. There is something to learn and even more to teach.

You have been handed a ring of keys. Each one has a different meaning and use. You tumble them in your hand and carefully note their differences. Some keys you “know.” Some keys are still a mystery. Other keys are yours to hold but have more meaning for friends and loved ones with whom you share. This knowledge is as tangible as a set of keys. It works. It helps. It will get you through.

We want you to think of your faith and burgeoning knowledge as solid as a set of keys. What you learn here is substantial. This knowledge is real, whole and user friendly. You are not chasing fairy tales or mistruths. You have been handed some very real information and you have yet to receive so much more. All that We have taught you and We are clearly still at the very beginning. This is not intended to be daunting but rather a guide to gain and maintain flight. Once you have chosen to lift your soul and be free, the rest of Our knowledge will be absorbed with ease. More of our teachings are very much the same and still completely the truth.

Your connection to spirit, your own God Center, your soul and your Higher Self will absorb any further teachings easily. You have found Us. We have given you all of our love. Together We will reach the end of this journey and welcome you back Home.

The only trouble will be your own ego, fear or worry. In times of stress you may forget your Divine connection. As you accumulate more fear and stress, the further you get away from Us. You may fear that We have left you or abandoned you in times of need. This is never true. You never walk this earth alone and We will carry you for a time if you fear losing yourself completely.

Come back to the truth. Remember these lessons that you have learned and truths that have shaken your understanding. You are eternal. We are One. Never walk so far away that you forget this.

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