The Blessed Journey; Past, Present & Future

Too much of our time is spent in the past or future. This is not conducive to being available to spirit. Constantly looking forward or back is not the optimal state of health for your chakras and other energy centers. It is like being imbalanced the entire time. We often encourage you to be grounded, centered, cleansed and cleared. This state of being is where you are best prepared to respond to life.

Cleansing your energy begins in your core. If you envision an energy pole through the top of your head down through your midline and out between your feet, this is your core. It is this area where you are able to react to energy and still remain stable. Grounding yourself will help you withstand any energy blows you are expecting or any that are unexpected. You may be buffeted, but with good core health you will right yourself again immediately.

This may make sense to you now. Does it seem like something happens to knock you off balance and it may take an extended amount of time to recover? You may realize that your resilience is less than optimal. If you manage your core energy, your feelings of wellness will be constantly present.

You have noticed people who respond to stress and conflict with the least amount of upset. How do they do this? They are more likely to meditate and cleanse their energy. They may also have a strong faith in a higher power. Continually reacting to emotions, events and experiences is not recommended. Much of life may be more manageable by being proactive. Expect conflict or contrast but do not become undone by it.

We often speak of your life being charted. If these things are supposed to happen when they do, doesn’t that make it easier to accept it? You are able to understand that this event is intended to teach you something. It is so simple. Even something tragic is intended to teach you and those around you. Each of you came into life to both teach and learn. If you are the one experiencing some negative event, you are the teacher. If you are affected by an event that someone else experiences, you are the student. Doesn’t this reality make life more manageable?

Perhaps you feel that your life is unnecessarily negative. This may not be so. It may be your perspective that is far too negative. Faith will go a long way in teaching you that life is exactly what you expected.

If you are more advanced, you may have charted some difficult experiences to manage. This may help you accept that you have so much more to be proud of. You charted some harsh times simply because you knew you could get through them! You are actually at the head of the class.

The other possibility for experiencing many dramatic events is that you have not matured effectively and you are overly reactive to even some simple contrast that life brings to you. Some people exist in varying levels of drama. Even if something is simple and straight forward, these people will create drama where there is none. Everyone knows someone like this. But, have you considered that you may be this type of person?

Perhaps you would like to test this theory. If your life contains continuous drama, make a point of finding better balance. Meditate, pray, journal and be in the present. Make sure each day is accompanied with these healing practices. The next time something upsetting happens do you blow it out of proportion even beyond your usual level of drama? You might be addicted to drama. It is like binging on drama because you went without for some time. You more than made up for it.

This will be only one clue. With heightened self-awareness you may find some additional behavior that also supports your need to be constantly upset. This tendency may surprise you since people who cultivate drama may get on YOUR nerves. This is entirely possible.

It has been said that people may be irritated by behavior in other people which may closely mirror their own. An example may be someone who emphatically insists that they hate people who lie. Then, after time you may notice that this person may also have a habit of not always telling the truth. This is more common than you may realize.

Being able to see behavior in other people but not in you is due to a lack of objectivity. When you are the one experiencing something upsetting, you feel justified creating drama about it. Looking at you with objectivity is something you have to work on. Finding better balance and quicker recovery from upset would be worth the effort.

Much of your current behavior was developed in childhood. You watched others navigate through many differing events and then adjusted your behavior accordingly. Many people feel that they have become their parents at some point. This makes sense since they would be your primary role models. Anyone close to you while growing up would likely contribute to your coping skills.

Did you learn to behave similar to your parents or other caregivers? Or, did you make a point of behaving the opposite of them? Either scenario is possible.

Now that you are here, do you need more balance and emotional stability? Have you begun to notice that you could cope or manage upset more effectively? Or, are you pretty good at staying calm?

This may be one of your goals. Find balance and use caution when met with contrast. Perform some daily self-care which promotes good health and healing. Cleanse your core and remain in the present. This is something that you may work on from day to day and that is fine. Drastic changes are rarely good or permanent.

Resilience is something that you want to be. Remind yourself often. Work on evaluating your behavior objectively then make some positive changes. If you hear or see your parents when looking in the mirror, is that a good thing?

Remain in the “now.” Allow life to nudge you but not break you. Regaining your center will help you to function more efficiently

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