Calling All Angels!

This is Lisa. I have been in a weird space recently. I lost my Aunt one week and my sister was baptized the following one. This seems like a wide range of emotions very close together.

Today I asked for angels to come to me and give me wisdom and guidance. I was not disappointed. I feel emotionally stable again…for now.

We are not done with the “life after death” topic. This is a small detour that I needed for myself.

  1. Stay calm and serene. Spirit may intercede for you more efficiently in this state.
  2. Quieting your thoughts helps Universal guidance to flow to and through you.
  3. Be grounded upon High and be grounded upon Low. It is this gentle state in between that creates the balance and spiritual stability that you need.
  4. Remain balanced even when you are stressed, surprised or unhappy. An over-reaction causes a ripple effect in your stasis. Thereby much more will become unbalanced as a result.
  5. Top to bottom and everything in between works in concert together. A focus upon just a few areas creates an imbalance. Seek total health and nutrition. What is ingested is as important as what is eliminated. Be aware of both processes.
  6. Brighter more brilliant colors aid in your stability as well. Flush and refill all throughout your day. This helps to release any issues or concerns which are not worthy of your time and attention.
  7. More love in your heart and more love sent out to others will bring an exponential amount of love to you. Love is compounded and grows well in this positive medium.
  8. Brisk and lucid energy brings more grace and understanding to you. All matters are allowed to flow in and flow out. Nothing is valuable enough to hold on to. If it is glorious, you will have constant access to it anyway.
  9. Grace brings a positive, healthy glow to you which others will be drawn to. From there you will infuse them with good health and well-being.
  10. Travel only matters if it brings you enrichment and expansion. Much of what is necessary may be learned here, on your own.
  11. Grace is in never-ending supply. The times you feel barren and exhausted is because YOU have stepped out of the constant flow.
  12. Hearing from departed loved ones is a precious benefit and it must be shared with all others. Giving freely will bring progress and good graces to you as well.
  13. Faith covers all bases. There is never a moment when you are left without guidance, love and support.
  14. Any energy may be channeled into good energy. Don’t forget to change directions when you begin to struggle. This step will change your life dramatically.
  15. It is never a bother to stop and learn from life’s circumstances. To avoid any adversity would render life meaningless.
  16. “Beauty” is assigned its meaning by you. Any event, circumstances or contrast has beauty if that is what you see.
  17. Love travels faster than anger, hate or judgment. Sending love out brings more back to your area, community and region. You create a blanket of love by sending it out in all directions.
  18. Learning and teaching by example is God’s way.
  19. Always flush out that spot where you store and harbor negative energy. This holds you back from greater deeds. Find it even though you may have effectively hidden it from you.
  20. Grace walks at every vibration. Never feel that you are unreachable by it or God’s love. At any point in your life, God sends you enough grace to meet your needs. This is your truth.
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