Challenges, Turmoil and Disruption

Moving forward in life requires a healthy amount of motivation, intent and coping strategies. If every negative event were to stop all progress, you would not get very far. Your goals and dreams would be continuously pushed back. This may lead to frustration. You would question the quality of your life because you never really get what you want.

The purpose of this post is to encourage you to develop some effective coping skills and a deep sense of faith. Every day experiences do matter but the problem is when you are derailed by them and you don’t get back to your actual chart. The small stuff delays attaining real progress.

It is this continual and repeated frustration that you have sanctioned just by allowing insignificant matters to cloud your divine existence. Keep going. Acknowledge the things that happen each day but still place them in perspective. You truly have better things to do.

Effective coping involves many working parts that create a whole.

  1. Deal in reality. People have a tendency to blow things out of proportion. If your life is a series of crisis situations, there is something wrong with your perspective. Either that or you thrive on drama and turn even simple matters into crisis situations.
  2. Look at the situation without emotion. Deal with the facts and be real about the impact each event has on your life. Some things will bring inconvenience but little turmoil if you are coping effectively.
  3. Understand that you are intended to learn from this. If you build a wall, nothing will be gained. This event will be assigned too much power and much of your true intent will be lost. Rather than a straight line to eternity, you will have to duck, dodge and maneuver around all of your barriers. This wastes precious time.
  4. It is ok to acknowledge what has occurred and continue to move forward but only if there is a minimal impact. If it is a big event that needs your attention, you must take the time to cope and process it. Being avoidant or ignorant is not suggested.
  5. Denial is not recommended either. Brushing off a significant event is not appropriate. Try your best to assign this event with the proper amount of significance. Many people do not realize when they are using denial as an ineffective coping strategy. It may be necessary to work through emotional problems in order to get a reality-based perspective on future events. If you tend to be overly emotional and catastrophize things, denial is a significant problem of yours.

Focus on what is real and what is the actual impact on your life. You have many learned behaviors which influence your current coping strategies. You learned them through life experience and watching other people attempt to cope. This is also when the dysfunction begins. If an elder copes with alcohol, you may do the same. If someone gets violent during stressful times, this may also become one of your tendencies.  If a parent blows things out of proportion, that is your role model to also overreact.

What you didn’t learn from your family, friends and other loved ones you picked up some ineffective coping through trial and error. You may react in a certain way and the problem resolves. That teaches you that this one strategy “works.” It may not be positive or productive but you may start to rely upon it in all matters. Then if this one strategy doesn’t work, you will try something else and see how far that gets you. In this manner you will develop your bank of coping strategies; some good, some bad.

Now that you are seeking spiritual success it is time to take a realistic look at how you manage stress and what your current coping strategies are. These are a few suggestions:

  1. Be honest. You don’t have to remember any lies if you always tell the truth. This is living genuinely.
  2. Do your best. Successful behavior builds upon itself and you gain a higher vibration because you are making an honest effort. The Universe responds to this.
  3. Do not intentionally harm anyone. You always want to know about sins and damnation, be considerate of your interactions with others. How are you impacting anyone in your world? Make sure you are empathetic and accept responsibility when you make a mistake.
  4. Be independent. Accept responsibility for your thoughts and actions. Be wary of blaming others when you have acted with disregard. This is not honest or genuine.
  5. Always be ready to forgive. Some acts are serious and you may not be able to forgive what has happened. You may be able to release any grudge or vengeance and still move forward. Forgiveness is what you do to heal your own soul. It is not completely about the person you are trying to forgive.

Easier said than done! This is a good place to start. Once you begin to gain positive, effective coping strategies you will continue to build upon this solid foundation. Living honestly is always good. This will increase your vibration and bring more success to you personally.

We ask that you have no one to blame but this also means that no one else may take credit for your success.

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