It’s a Serious Job

Your reaction to this life and the chart you came here to complete is a lot like your view on hard work. If you know how to put some effort into what you do each day you may be less disillusioned by the work you need to complete the goals of your life chart. If you dislike hard work, you probably also dislike putting effort into this earth life.

There are benefits to working hard at your job, career or occupation. Hopefully you earn a decent wage, you have room for advancement and perhaps a raise. Maybe not. The incentive would be less if you feel like your job is a dead end and will not adequately reward you with money, incentives or a good retirement.

Think of your life chart as a business that you started from inception to being fully operational. What you get back is completely dependent upon what you put into it.

  1. If you lack drive, your business will show it.
  2. If you don’t fully comprehend how to run this business, you may leave some goals incomplete. Successes that are haphazard pale in comparison to achievements won realistically and with intent.
  3. If you position this business in a dark and negative area, your opportunities for success will be limited. Maybe your first location is where you are now in life but you will be expected to relocate to brighter more positive areas when possible.
  4. If you have a narrow window for business, you will not invest the proper amount of time into success. No one may step in and meet your goals for you.
  5. If you are only prepared to do half the job, there may be no real benefit to having this business.
  6. If you blame other people or situations for failure, you are not accepting responsibility for what you are doing. You must be able to stand alone and be successful.
  7. If you invest superficial amounts of time and effort the business may not be capable of supporting you and your needs. Your ability to meet your goals requires commitment.
  8. If your business relies very heavily on the nearby businesses and is not fully independent you are not being completely responsible. Your business must be stand-alone but you may position it near other businesses to improve the benefits to everyone nearby.
  9. If you are running a shady business, your gains will not be credible. Goals would be left incomplete.
  10. Sufficient earning, growth and development require constant awareness. Building a successful business takes effort and a willingness to explore. All of your lessons don’t arrive at your door neatly packaged. You need an open mind, faith and drive.

Now that we have recommended you put some effort into building your spirituality and making sufficient progress on your chart we will give you some insider information. Sometimes, all it takes is to relax and get out of your own way.

If you relax you are releasing any blocks, barriers and previous damage. You are ALLOWING your life to come to you. It is possible to keep an open mind and meet each experience as they arise. Any effort may be channeled into allowing life to happen and seeking the answers contained within.

You must also get out of your own way. Release any judgement, opinion and preconceived thinking. Allow life to teach you and be open to new meaning. You don’t know everything and your life is wrought with learned knowledge that you need to replace, release or improve. Meet each day with renewed curiosity. There is always something to learn from even the smallest event. Embrace this discovery and be eager to know more.

This is in the simplest terms; give it some effort, relax and allow life to flow to you and get out of your own way. By actively doing these three steps you are able and willing to learn. Make progress in the areas that you set before you when you wrote this chart. We did not overstate the need to be a “business owner.” It does take work, constant learning and making adjustments to improve your progress. It isn’t easy and it does take continuous monitoring. Your success in life is as important as earning your wage. It is a serious job and you are the only one who can do it.

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