Eternity Requires Some Effort

There are some strong emotions about your imperfection in Heaven. You had hoped that all of your stressors and turmoil would magically dissolve once you left this earth life. Now you find out that the issues that are on your plate will either be dealt with in life or requiring to be dealt with after death.  This is a powerful blow.

It seems that most of you were just going to white-knuckle this life and enjoy a peaceful retirement in Heaven. Your disappointment is palpable.

When you are residing on the Other Side, you wrote your charts in order to learn and grow. It is the density of this earth environment that has seriously interfered with your motivation and intent. When writing the chart for this life you were eager to challenge yourself with a broad variety of experiences. In fact, you may have charted too much conflict and contrast and your guides, Ascended Masters or God may have asked you to delete some of it. They understood that earth life will push you down, strip you of divine energy and oppress you. You were the eager student who was cautioned against completing too many projects for extra credit. The higher energy beings tried to keep your goals manageable.


  • In your perfect state on the Other Side you charted this earth life to challenge yourself to learn and expand. You focused on areas that you were lacking in experience.
  • Any issues and turmoil left at the end of your earth life carried over in Heaven. You still have to meet the challenge, process it, learn from it and embrace the knowledge in your expanding soul.
  • Then, in your perfect state, you chart another earth life with different experiences in order to challenge yourself and grow.

Your assumption was that you just needed to get to the end of your human existence and retire peacefully. Your human body and brain do not want to work so hard. This, however, was integral to the challenge. It would be less of a challenge if you weren’t dealing with the darkness and negativity of earth.

It is like attending college at 1000 ft. below sea level. How easy is it to read, focus on someone talking, organize your homework and make adjustments after the lesson? The pressure is seriously limiting. You may attempt to drop out of school since it is so difficult. The problem is your life, experiences and soul growth is necessary. You cannot drop out of this earth-school. You are here until you cross back over.

Any attempt to avoid learning ends in automatic failure. That is having serious dysfunction at the end of life and carrying all of it over. Your desire to skip the difficult things is not productive. You may choose to live your afterlife wrought with trouble and have no interest in further ascension. You may spend eternity over eating, abusing substances, abusing or being abused, acting out in anger/ violence, immaturity, impulsiveness… This seems so disappointing doesn’t it? You had wanted so much more for your soul. The ideal existence you wanted for yourself was so much more joyous and serene. Now, you want to opt out?

This is the time to rethink your perspective on life. Eternity requires more effort.

“Being God, for God” is NOT simple or easy. You understood this prior to this incarnation.

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