Imperfect and Still in Heaven


It seems to be unbelievable that once you have crossed over to the Other Side that you would be anything but perfect. It may be hard to comprehend that you may have the same limitations and struggles that you have in this life.

Ideally, you chart this life for further experience in certain areas. You want to learn more and there are specific events that you want to experience in order to expand your knowledge. Each of these contrasting events is intended to teach you lessons. Then, there may be further events that will build upon this knowledge and teach you more depth about the topic. This cycle of learning regarding this one area of life may continue in sequence or be broken up into separate events over time.

The entire learning process for this particular lesson or series of lessons are intended to be met, dealt with, placed in proper perspective and woven into the fabric that is you. Each event was never intended to stop you from functioning or proceeding with future learning. If you are stalled by one event, you are not accomplishing what you came to earth for. You have ineffective coping and you must learn to process any conflict or contrast appropriately. If you cannot get through these earlier lessons, you will not successfully complete your chart.

An example may be helpful.

You begin using alcohol at 15 years of age most likely due to some dysfunction in the home. Probably someone who uses alcohol and causes turmoil or at the very least is a role model of ineffective coping for you. There are the usual milestones of school, graduation, first relationship, selecting a career… If your alcohol use significantly interferes with life you may not progress to high school graduation. Any relationships will be significantly impaired by your dysfunction and alcoholic behavior. You may be in a relationship and actually live with that person but it will not be emotionally healthy. You may have children but they will succumb to the dysfunction as well.

Fast forward to age 60. You are still abusing alcohol. You have tenuous relationships with your family. You may have had many abusive relationships with the opposite sex. Your children will either be lost to you, abusive, troubled or inappropriately codependent with you. After all this time, you have experienced bad health, legal problems, money problems, trouble keeping a job, car accidents and property damage.

Optimally, you would have beaten your alcohol addiction at any time before the age of 60. After that you would have begun to heal and reverse some of the damage that you suffered. You may rebuild some relationships, find a steady job, resolve your legal troubles and re-enter the lives of your children and grandchildren. This resolve would require a lot of work on your part. It isn’t magic. Just because you no longer drink alcohol does not mean that everything will realign into positive, hopeful and healthy behavior. Much of the damage must be undone.

You need to be healthy then rebuild your life from the inside out. Think of all of the experiences that you missed. The ages from 15 to 60 were spent abusing alcohol and missing volumes of intended lessons. Emotionally you are still 15 years old. There really is no way to turn back the clock and experience the life that you intended. At whatever age someone stops abusing alcohol, they could begin to experience some lessons and recover some life experiences. If this person does not stop drinking, very little will change for the better. Much of the illness, turmoil and dysfunction will get worse with organic changes in the body and brain.

Tragically, some elders who stop abusing alcohol much too late and will suffer so much depravity that life is mired in medical illness, severe mental impairment and loneliness because many bridges were damaged beyond repair.

If you were to abuse alcohol until death, you will enter the afterlife still craving it. There is treatment on the Other Side but you have to want to change. This is one example. You may still indulge in any negative behavior even though you have returned to spirit. Your life in Heaven would heal over time as long as you are seeking help and making the necessary changes. The treatment process is similar to what you may experience here in life. You would improve at your own pace and become stronger emotionally. At a certain point in healing you may also choose to help others as well. Eventually you may resolve your dysfunction and continue forward focusing on positive challenges, hobbies, higher education, spiritual advancement or any area of interest. After you have done the work you would experience Heaven more like what you would expect; unlimited joy, love and peace.

You may think of many different situations that would fit into this cycle. The earlier you reverse any damaging behavior, illness or dysfunction will help you to continue along your chart and live your intended existence. You came here to challenge yourself and overcome troubled times. You didn’t come here to fail. No one would be able to enter life intending to fail unless you are here to teach others through contrast. Do not assume that you are here to fail so others may learn from your mistakes. Always assume that you came here to overcome. Even if you were here to model negative behavior, you must still choose to heal and travel in the Light again. This is the best lesson for you and anyone else involved.

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