Who You Are After Death

We spoke about your potential existence after your earth life death. Obviously this was a brief overview. There is a lot of information about your spirit existence available and you may research it in depth or gather information about specific topics.

We will offer a snippet of information again, this time about who you are in Heaven.

You are not a saint. People do not pass and become omnipotent. You have limitations and attitudes much like you have now. The act of dying does not have to change you very much unless it is something that you choose to work for. You may choose to continue learning and experiencing. There is much you still will not know. That should be obvious because there are upper 5 levels of existence and you only go as high as what your current knowledge and skill set determines.

If you are in the higher levels you may travel to the lower ones. You may go to the bottom 2 levels but this would not be advisable. If you have attained a significant amount of light and higher energy, the darker beings would be drawn to you immediately. So, if you travel there you must not stay for very long. You may want to find someone you are close to. Perhaps you feel that you could give them some positive direction or encouragement. There would not be too many more reasons to travel this far down.

The lowest level would not give you any viable reason to be there. Even if someone you know dwells there, they would not be receptive to any prodding to raise their vibration. They may not even realize that you are there with them. The next level up would have a small amount of light and someone may be able to respond to your presence.

Much of what you choose is up to you. People still here on earth may falsely believe that you are now an expert on their life. You may even believe that you are the best option for loved ones to get advice and direction. This is not accurate. If you choose to stop learning and growing you will actually be much like you are now with all of your opinions, attitudes and prejudices. If you were ignorant in life, you will be ignorant after death. Nothing changes but your form.

The truly amazing part is if your loved ones ask for advice or direction, you respond with information that you would have given in life. You may not care that there are records of everyone’s earth life. You may even speak with someone’s spirit guide, an Ascended Master, Jesus… But you just give them the same rhetoric that you did when you were still alive.

If you didn’t believe in mixed race marriages you would not condone one now. This may be in direct opposition to someone’s chart. If you had a gambling problem, you will still have addiction issues. You may advise a loved one to bet on the horses with their nest egg. This would also be in direct opposition to their chart. And, if you didn’t like someone’s spouse or life partner during life you will still not like them after death. Your relationship advice would not be positive or advised. Just because you are in spirit does not mean you have everyone’s best interests in mind. The worst luck would be your loved ones still here on earth believing that you have all the answers. You may drink this up and love all of this unwarranted attention. But your input is likely going against what people have charted.

You may go to the Akashic Records but that doesn’t mean that you will. You could read someone’s chart and offer real inspiration but you may not know this or even care.

You still have addictions in the afterlife if you had them here at your passing. You may still overeat, smoke, drink, behave promiscuously, lie, steal, cheat… You have the option to resolve all of your dysfunction on the Other Side but you would have to want the help. The lower levels are full of souls who wish to stay unevolved.

There is treatment available to you in Heaven. You may enter counseling, attend groups and receive healing. Treatment may take time but it is possible to increase your vibration and function at a higher level. Then, you may be able to give loved ones some positive direction which is in alignment with their chart.

You may live how, where and with who you want. You may pursue gardening, carpentry, writing books, curing cancer, working with animals… It is all there and you have many choices. How long you stay depends upon when you scheduled your next incarnation. Healing takes time just like on earth. You can make improvements or stay mired in dysfunction. Heaven is what you make it but whether you are here or there, you still have to do the work to get better.


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