Existence After Death

We often hear questions about damnation and where does one go after death if they haven’t been positive. Today there are questions about life after death. What is it like in Heaven? Assuming that you expect to pass over to someplace nice and full of light, what will your existence be like?

There is a multitude of information available on this subject. You may be able to find books, articles, websites and speakers on this subject. There is usually a common theme. There is a bright, white light at the end of a long tunnel and loved ones are waiting for you. Homecoming is a celebration.

The tunnel is horizontal not vertical. Heaven waits in another dimension that exists alongside this one. You don’t go up or down. You cross. People describe a suspended feeling inside the tunnel and as you get closer to the Other Side, your trip speeds up. Some people describe loved ones along the inside of the tunnel, others do not.

Once you arrive, there is a blissful feeling of grace, belonging and peace. You are greeted by loved ones and you recognize everyone. You even meet people from previous generations and lifetimes. Pets are there as well.

After some much needed support and reassurance, you are placed in a protective cocoon. This is intended to decompress you from the end of your earth life, allow you to release some issues or problems and shift from your physical self to your current energy existence.

The cocoon lasts as long as you need. You are in no hurry and this time in peaceful suspension feels really good after your recent earth experience. Once you are released from your cocoon you meet with your guides and some loved ones and prepare for your life review. You stand before a large object which projects the images of your earth life. You and your guides view and review everything. This is when you probably would wish that you volunteered, donated to charity, visited VA hospitals, supported animal shelters, meditated every day, been a foster parent and switched to whole foods. You are not judged but an earnest review is needed.

It is at this time that it may strike you that some of your life goals or lessons were left undone. You may have begun a lesson track but then shifted away to something uncharted. This or you didn’t start the lesson track at all. As you read this it may be somewhat of a letdown. Everything that you eagerly planned for this existence was incomplete or missed. You may have written a particularly difficult chart because you wanted to get a lot done. Then, any number of distractions pulled you away.

While in spirit you are completely cognizant of all of your lifetimes and experiences. You had some areas of study that you wanted to focus on. Then, the density of earth and the presence of dark energy diverted you. This you see perfectly clear as well. You are able to comprehend where things went well and where things went wrong. You are able to make an objective assessment of this life.

Some people feel that just being here and getting to the end is good enough. This lacks the required benefit expected of earth life. You could skip all of your lessons and still get to the end but actually accomplishing very little. Obviously, we do not agree that just surviving is enough. In the spirit world if there is no gathered knowledge or learning than there is no reason to experience it.

Life charts are essential. You have worked long and hard on this one. You probably were pretty ambitious otherwise you would have little reason to come back. This discussion is sobering. Yes, you do have a multitude of things to accomplish. You charted conflict, negativity, illness, sorrow, loss as well as joy and love. Without contrast there is little to learn.

There are lifelines where someone charts longevity, good health, marriage, children, success and prosperity. This life would have some lessons as well but likely it would be to teach you about jealousy, negativity, competition and whether you would injure or otherwise sabotage this exceptional person. Would you be able to accept the obvious bounty of someone else? Could you be happy for them without envy? What would their life teach you by contrast? So, yes! Some people win the lottery, inherit millions, strike it rich and live a charmed life. Is this your chart? Probably not. You came here to do the work!

Once you have decompressed from your earth life you may settle into an existence on the Other Side of your choosing. You still have learning to do. You want to reconnect with loved ones and focus on your beloved hobbies. Maybe you still want to “work.” This is up to you.

There are living sites to match any earth environment. You may want a mountain lodge, a beach cottage, an inner city townhouse or whatever resonates with you. There are five levels of existence. You may be a tradesman or philosopher. You may gain entrance to a higher level by working for it or you may stay just where you are and fully enrich your current existence.

Some people work through the levels and either stop at the highest individual existence or choose to be reabsorbed into Source.

What some people don’t realize is that you may have charted many lifetimes and do not return to the Other Side to “live” but rather re-enter earth life again. While in spirit you likely believed that you could do this and succeed every time. You never came into earth life to fail. Your guides, the Ascended Masters and God review your charts. There are times when your goals are achievable and they allow you to proceed or they ask for rewrites because you may have written something nearly impossible. It would serve no purpose for you to live a life that you could not achieve anything but failure. This would not uplift you.

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