Peace, love and tranquility flow out of the lighthouse that is you. Don’t waste any more precious time on thoughts that are so far beneath you. Fill up with the love of God and be eternally emitting that same light out to all others.

Be “there” when someone needs a hand. Be “there” when someone needs encouraging words. Be “there” when love is the answer. Most of all be “there” when others need as much love from you as you need in return.

What does the lighthouse teach you? What does it say during those long, lonely nights? Who could benefit more from the teachings of the lighthouse? Where do we go when we need comfort which the lighthouse provides?

See at once the bright and forgiving rays. Know that no dark or damaged energy survives in that beam. It is always there and ready to provide. It beholds you with grace and brings you close to feel content and secure.

You may appear at the threshold of the lighthouse. You may feel weary and unwell. It may have been a long time since you have felt joy. It seems each day is dismal and empty. You are having a hard time finding your purpose. You have walked a great distance yet you feel like you are in the same space. You have called out many times asking for help but it seems that no one may hear you.

Where do you go from here?

You look to one side and then the other. You see no footsteps of anyone else beside you. This makes you feel even more alone. This certainly is not the life that you asked for. You never wanted to feel so alone.

Sit and simply “be.” Realize that you have forgotten to connect yourself to Source energy and Mother Earth. That beam of light has never wavered, not once. You have also forgotten that your guides, angels and departed loved ones are not tangible. They exist in another energy state. They leave no footprints, kisses on your cheek or tear drops. They feel for you. They long to be known to you. You forgot that they are always beside you. They never left.

Why have you walked so far away? You traveled for far too long without faith. Now that you have reconnected with the energy that you need, look and see where you are. How many bumps and bruises did you suffer while you walked alone? This was not necessary. This was a detour that you never needed to take.

Come back “home” to your center. Be grounded and aloft. Wrap the love of God around you like a well-worn quilt. See that you only feel alone when you have lost your faith. You have never taken one step by yourself. The times you felt alone were the very same times that you had the most guides, angels and departed loved ones around you.

The lighthouse never fades or takes a break. It is true as your savior. It is always there to show you the way. Resist looking away or down at your feet. Follow the Light until you come home. Your support is steadfast and enduring. Rest assured that you are never alone or without love.

(This is more of a poem or song. Not what spirit usually gives to me.)



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