Go Big With a Better Attitude

It is time to go big. Your natural tendency may be to bring your energy layers closer to you. If you envision yourself smaller, there will be fewer things that may potentially go wrong. This is inaccurate. To be successful in life God wants you to expand. Make yourself bigger and push your energy layers further out. Accept more input from some trusted sources and have more information infused through you. There is so much that God and spirit would like to bring into your life but if your shrink and recoil, you are essentially blocking their bounty.

It would be like falling behind in any area in life. If you refuse updated information eventually everything you know and utilize to function in life will also be outdated and useless. It is like buying a new computer but using an owner’s manual that is 10 years out of date and from a different manufacturer. Any hope of successfully using the new computer is severely impaired by you insisting upon using outdated information.

Get spiritually current and stay current. Expand and improve your vibration. Make sure to cleanse and clear your energy and fill up with bright, vibrant, fluid colors. Your ability to function spiritually will depend upon your receptivity to the energy around you. You may be a rock trying to absorb God’s love or a light, fluffy cloud. Obviously, the cloud has a better chance of being in contact with the Divine. Clouds don’t have physical blocks, barriers, tethers or anchors. They are free-flowing and expansive. They naturally have a higher vibration and exist above the negativity of the earth. They occasionally fill with moisture and rain but you would cry as well if you were soaked in God’s love!  It is truly that beautiful.

Any social movement will encourage you to “rise up.” Of course, you must be free of any dark heaviness that will interfere with your desire to overcome something that has held you down for far too long. A higher vibration will help you to see everything more clearly and in better perspective. We have spoken about perspective in the past. This one action will improve your emotional well-being better than any other. Your perspective on life is the best way to be positive, optimistic and resilient altogether.

How you look at life is essentially important to what type of life experience that you will have. If you feel down and are constantly sorry for you, your life will be a series of lows and disappointments. You will walk through each day expecting to be let down and disillusioned. This vibration will bring more negativity and sadness. You will lock yourself into this negative life cycle wondering why others have love and joy and you do not.

Your perception of someones life may actually not be so accurate. Maybe they don’t have everything. What if their life were very similar to yours only their perspective is more optimistic? They respond to stressors with a better attitude and more optimism. They greet life as an adventure and accept that things may not always go their way but life is still very beautiful. This is perspective.

Have you ever known 2 different people who are battling cancer? One is optimistic, hopeful and eager to complete their treatment so they can move on to brighter, happier matters in their life. The other is dark and moody. They complain about life being unfair and each day is a chore. They see nothing of any benefit to this experience and they lash out with anger when loved ones rally in support.

Now consider that the hopeful person actually has a more aggressive form of cancer. The moody patient may have something that is treatable with a better prognosis. The bright person may recover more quickly with less need for ongoing treatment. The sullen person suffers at length and requires more treatment than what is expected. This is an actual example. Your perspective may drastically change your life experience. It is how you perceive, process and assimilate the events of your life. 2 people may have similar experiences but manage their lives vastly different.

My sister-in-law had an aggressive form of cancer several years ago. She went through 3 rounds of chemo and has been in remission ever since. While hospitalized she came into contact with people who were not hopeful, positive or motivated for treatment. Sometimes these people were her roommates. Their negativity would have an effect on her but she would always resist being sullen and come back around to being positive with an intent to recover. She currently works full time and thoroughly enjoys babysitting her grand kids. After her remission began, she married my brother and wore a wig for the ceremony. She had better things to do with her life and refused to allow cancer to keep her from fulfilling her dreams. She isn’t waiting for the cancer to come back. She prefers to believe that she beat it for good and will never look back, but of course she goes for her follow up appointments. Hope is one thing but medical self-neglect is another.

Attitude is everything. Be positive and hopeful always. Even if things seem hopeless and bound for pain or failure, still be motivated to accept, process and benefit from the lesson. If you adapt the proper perspective everything that life brings to you is an adventure.

Expand, increase your vibration and have a positive perspective. You wrote this adventure with the full intention to grow, experience and prosper. Keep an open mind and allow your chart to unfold before you. It is truly possible that you have already missed many of your lessons but it is still ok to rejoin your chart again.

The pain, struggle and agony that you feel are self-imposed emotions. You have created a difficult life when what you actually charted is beautiful and full of growth and learning. Opt back in and be eager for life. This most closely aligns with who you really are. Your strength is impenetrable. Your faith is stunning. Be perfect in every sense of the word. Release your misery and embrace every opportunity to rise up and ascend to your proper place in Heaven.



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