Stop & Consider

Begin each day with cleansing and protective exercises. Make certain that you are full of White light that is free flowing, crystal clear and vibrant. Remember to use the light that the Universe supplies so that you do not exhaust your own energy. Envision yourself brighter than the sun. As you walk, drive and attend to your daily life bring intense, bright light everywhere you go.

This state of being will bring about calm and serene feelings. You will be unable to stress or worry when you are glowing and at peace. This is the best way to start every day. If you should forget, you will notice a change in your energy, emotions and feelings of well-being.

Now that you are prepared for each day, we will talk about your reactions, input and intent. This is where we encourage you to stop and consider. Prior to each response or interaction, pause and consider what energy you want to put out into your environment. Every interaction has the potential to go very well or be less than stellar. This is your choice. You are empowered by your daily intent to be fully in the Light. What energy do you want to put into your home, family, work, school, community, grocery store…? Make a choice each time.

Why the pause? We are trying to decrease any impulsiveness that may negatively affect what you are trying to accomplish each day. Someone approaches you in anger, you respond by being angrier than them and defensive. Your energy vibration dips severely. Perhaps there is a better way. Someone comes to you to gossip, you respond by being fully involved in this negativity and your energy vibration lowers. There is a better way. Someone challenges your spiritual beliefs and insistently disagrees with how you think and feel. You respond with immediate anger and aggression. You feel personally attacked and you want to challenge them right back. How does this affect your energy?

Consider the pause. Stop and assess what response you want to make and how this will affect you and how you want to exist in this world.

It may be helpful to consider how people respond to you. Have you approached anyone and had the best of intentions but they responded poorly? Did they become irritated, angry, defensive or turn the attention back on you? This didn’t go as well as you intended. You walk away feeling hurt and misunderstood. It was your sincere hope that the other person would have been more open-minded and receptive. This person may be your spouse, child, parent, supervisor, co-worker… Their response may impact many different areas of your life.

What happens now? There is a period of anger and silence. Perhaps the end of a friendship or collaboration. They may look for opportunities to criticize what you are doing. They may involve other people in the situation just to make you feel even worse. Things may not go back to “normal.”

Consider what part you played. What energy did you send into this dynamic? Did your input have the best influence on what happened? Could you have given a better response? What type of feelings are you still holding about the entire interaction?

Use the pause to consider your part of what is about to be communicated. Make certain that your response is the type of energy that you want to send out. There are many powerful reasons to be positive, optimistic and helpful. You may take the high road even if the other party is trying to disrespect you and disrupt what is going on. It is ok to let them behave in a manner which they choose and still keep your emotional control.

Is it necessary to treat everyone with this much respect? No. You may want to consider what role this person plays in your life. If they are your family, some tact would be beneficial. Is it a total stranger that you will likely never see again? You may still want to measure your response carefully. If this person is your supervisor, definitely use caution and maintain some level of respect. Yes, even when they are clearly out of bounds with how they are treating you. Use the pause to consider your response and how much this person matters to your life.

“Going off” on strangers is never a good idea. They may be armed, high, mentally ill, in crisis…Self-care also refers to keeping yourself safe in any area at any time.

What would you do if you change the way you respond to others and those close to you do not change the way they regard you? That is your choice. Being empowered to control your emotional responses also includes family, friends and other loved ones. You may want some distance. You also may want to communicate to them your preference with regard to how you are treated. Some people may be off limits for a while. If they refuse to make changes to how they treat you there may be a parting of ways. This is your choice.

Common responses include others reminding you of your past behavior. How you may have acted when angry, depressed, under the influence, broke, unemployed, divorcing or a variety of other stressful situations. This is your opportunity to share with them your desire to be positive and proactive. Remember that others will usually not want you to change. They are familiar with your role in the dysfunction and they will resist any changes being made. They want you to stay in your role.

Be cautious, reserved and pensive. Take some time to present yourself again in a more positive light. Understand their motives and their emotional commitment to your usual relationship dynamics. The more you know about this person, the more you may be able to understand their motivation. Work with that knowledge and do your best to diffuse the situation.

You are making changes out of a desire to improve your life and your energy vibration. This is a positive goal but some implications may not be intended. Be flexible and open-minded. Staying in the Light will bring a positive influence on you. Much of what you need or do will come to you seamlessly. This is what being on your path feels like. Trust the process. Increase your faith. Many aspects of your life will improve because you are bringing the Light with you. When you become familiar overflowing with God’s Light, you may begin to fill the environment with Light as well. Grace grows in the Light, and there you are!

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