Cleanse & Protect


When providing direction to you for future healing and spiritual growth we must always remember that each day you must cleanse & protect yourself. No amount of encouragement and direction will help you to reach your spiritual goals unless you are clear of any energy that is not for your best and highest good. Then, you must surround yourself in protection to keep your energy bright and positive. Without these two steps, we will be unable to properly guide you with any amount of success.

The internet has become a vast resource for information. There are many pages and posts dedicated to both cleansing and clearing. It is desirable to find exercises that resonate with you. Everyone has different beliefs and values, find sites that speak to you on a personal level. If you love working with angels, please find a site with steps to cleanse, clear and protect with angels. Any variety of articles will utilize beings you find helpful and protective.

There are also many sites with meditations. You tube is common but you must decide what format will work best for you. Angels, saints, animal guides, the Virgin Mary… Choose meditations which speak to you on a soul level. All aspects of the meditation must align with your beliefs. Do not use a guided meditation which introduces new ideas or sources if you are unfamiliar with them. This is also a part of being self-protected.

The simplest visualization is using a shower or waterfall of intense, bright White light. Envision yourself sitting under a flow of water and allow the release of any negative energy, blocks or barriers. Remain in the shower until the water that runs off is also clean and clear. Make sure you flush all areas of your being including the top of your head, the bottom of your feet, inside and out. Some secretive areas are behind the sternum, throughout the spine, behind the tailbone, the base of your skull and behind the shoulder blades. By now you are an expert at hiding dark energy even from yourself. After this exercise, fill yourself with bright White light. Leaving any spaces or gaps in your energy will allow negative elements to be reintroduced.

Protection exercises also vary. The simple ones are to surround yourself in a white egg, an orb of outward facing mirrors or to envision you emanating intense, bright White light outward from your being so that nothing may enter your energy field. Please do not use your own energy for these exercises, you will become exhausted. Envision a constant flow of light from God, Source, Heaven…flowing through you. Keeping this flow will also keep you protected. Allow the light to come through the top of your head and flow out through your bottom. When people say that your cup is overflowing, this is a good reminder for you. Keep the Light of God always constant, new and overflowing.

The most simple exercise that we have presented use White light, bright & clear water an egg or orb. With some experience you may choose other bright colors or envisioning different protective images. This is purely personal to you, using ideas which align with your current beliefs.

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