The Sober Truth

We have reached a level of understanding regarding your energy vibration, your standing as a good person and potential implications on your afterlife. Many of you seem stunned and pensive. You have begun to consider how well you are doing with regard to being positive and negative. It has also started to matter that you are a responsible adult despite some significant events in your life. What matters are your actions. Your thoughts also play into your overall vibration, but to a lesser degree.

Now, the sober truth is that you want specific information about how you are doing. We address you as a group and it is not possible to speak to each of you directly. We encourage you to avoid over reacting. This tends to be a human habit. You tend to be your own harshest critic. You judge yourself more severely than anyone else and this is not productive for our purposes here.

Our best determination is that a few of you are about midway between positive and negative but most are closer to 75% positive. There are a few darker energy people who visit the site but they are not regular readers.

Fear is not productive, action is. If you have concerns about your overall vibration, make some changes. No one is expected to be completely selfless. We encourage you to be fairly positive. To us 75% is awesome. That is more than enough positivity to keep you traveling in the light. Moderate numbers are acceptable. 50% positivity is definitely a workable starting point. A good range for achieving your highest good would be 70-80% positive. This is an empathetic, proactive, responsible, socially conscious adult. You are not a saint and no one asked you to be.

Please allow yourself some time to adjust to this new information. Be fair to yourself and resist having lofty expectations for loved ones as well. There is definitely a learning curve. Moderate improvements are acceptable. Please do not push to be perfect. That is very unfair to expect this from you. Every day we learn more. Even a prestigious Doctor, renowned philosopher or astrophysicist still have more to learn and experience.

Be kind to yourself. Doing your best is sometimes enough. Yes, you have had some stressful times in your life and this has shifted how you feel, think and behave. Knowing that moderate emotions, thoughts and behavior are preferred is helpful information.  Be aware of times when your mood swings too high or too low. Recognize any extreme reactions to people or situations and bring yourself back to modest thinking. Absolutely avoid making threats, using violence or damaging property.  It is also very important to understand that young people lack some ability to respond appropriately to stress and conflict. Some additional patience may be needed. Elderly or ill people also need your understanding.

One of our best directives is to “be God, for God.” This is not as stringent as you may think. God always forgives. Each of you may always turn your life around and accept the light again. Absolution is yours. You may accept your Creator at any moment and seek forgiveness. This is also what you may offer to others. To “be God” is to not judge and condemn. There is always one more chance.

We speak of those who walk a darkened path and seek to hurt others. You may decide there is little to save in a person like this but God is always open to embrace them again. Even the darkest human may approach God at any moment and receive patience, understanding and forgiveness. It is not up to you to determine when someone is beyond hope. This is Divine. Offer empathy and sympathy and step back. You will not want to be harmed or possessed by such a person. Protecting you and your loved ones matters as well.

Love is always the answer. Offer prayer or a passing blessing for those in need but do not venture in to dangerous territory. Our intent here is to remind you that God forgives even the darkest of souls but this is NOT your responsibility. Do not interfere in this situation.  Being God, for God is resisting judgment.

Do not overwhelm yourself thinking you need to tend to impoverished people in third world countries. You have your life. You have your own family and personal responsibilities. You are employed and have bills to pay. This is all as expected. Give what you can. Volunteer if possible. Donate to a cause that resonates with you. Send love in passing to someone in need. Travel in the light always.


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