Your Soul is Serious About Growth

There are many blocks and barriers to wellness and most of them have been created by you. It is your constant thinking and planning that makes for cycles of useless energy. Most of what you worry about is already been addressed. Your life is almost completely charted. Not many events are unplanned. If you were to relax and allow the Universe to work in your favor there is very little that you would need to plan.

Don’t confuse this with doing nothing. You still must learn and grow. You must contemplate what goals you have and make ample time to commune with God and spirit. Your unending cycle of inner chatter effectively blocks all communication with the Divine.

Some of this is fear. You are terrified of what communication with spirit could possibly consist of. You also fear the unknown. You may even think you are literally crazy to communicate with beings that are not readily seen. Faith is the best response to all of this fear or anxiety. You must believe in God because you are here on this website with “God” in the name. That is the first step. The next step is to accept that everything comes to you in time and has already been written. If you remain in the Light and resist the darker actions of ego, anger or vengeance, you will automatically walk right through everything.

Letting go is actually the best course in finding your life purpose. Stay out of your own way and allow what is intended to happen. The moment you take control of your actions and tense your body, the direct connection to God is lost. You literally stepped out of the flow of Divine.

We have done an informal canvas of what your concerns are for your life. There is definitely a trend. These are the most prominent concerns.

  1. The first concern is always damnation. You want to know how to save your soul and spend eternity in someplace other than Hell.
  2. How soon do you have to make changes toward being a better person? You don’t want to risk damnation because you didn’t start early enough in life.
  3. How much can you get away with before you risk damnation?
  4. Can you have wealth and material items and still be spiritual?
  5. Is an “eye for an eye” ok or do I really need to forgive others without any retribution?
  6. If I was a bad parent is there any way to make up for this now?
  7. Is it better to be nice to outside people but not so nice to your family? There are more dynamics in families so some bad blood is expected right?
  8. Can I still be a good person and not provide care for my aging parents?
  9. Can I still get into Heaven if I am financially irresponsible with significant debt? What if I leave debt for my heirs and don’t leave money for my burial?
  10. Does time heal all wounds? I may have been reckless in my youth, am I forgiven for this behavior?
  11. Can I cheat on my spouse for a “good” reason? What if he or she deserves it?
  12. Is swearing really a sin?
  13. Is sex outside of marriage a sin?
  14. Is injuring an animal worthy of more forgiveness than injuring a human?
  15. Is harming someone in the name of religion still wrong?

The trend seems to be damnation and how long can you get away with not being so nice. The obvious pattern is that you are concerned only for yourself and this one life. You believe that your afterlife is something that you may be able to toy with.

What you are missing is that you are eternal. Your soul exists whether you are in human form or not. The totality of your life is a vibration. You either raise or lower your energy with each life or a series of earth lives. Your current life purpose is to indulge in what you would consider fun and then straighten out just enough before death so that you are not doomed to Hell. This seems selfish. You have thought very little about how much you do for your family or community. You want to die with the most toys and celebrate your life of excess with an extended afterlife party.

This is NOT a spiritual life. If this is your intention, you’ll be repeating these same life lessons again. This may actually be a repeat of the same circumstances now! In order for you to take spiritual growth serious, you must develop faith. There is more to just this one life and repeating the same lessons over again is a waste of your time.

Some of this will need to sink in. We will continue to guide you but some genuine effort is called for. Let us find a balance. You may definitely have fun but there are also important matters to address. Your life review on the Other Side after your death will be an eye opener for sure. You will be met with the harsh realities of what was done and left undone while you were here.

We have discussed many life patterns that you need to address. This list should be familiar. The closer you get to your genuine self the better your ability to be on your path and making progress with soul growth.

Your soul does not want to abuse substances and cheat on your spouse, really. Review the above list of life concerns and see where you are situated on the energy vibration continuum. Some of the concerns are eyebrow raising but we have a good idea where to begin again.


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