A Glimpse of Heaven

We seem to be at a restarting point and I thought it would be a good time to share how I found God.

I have believed in the afterlife because shortly before my grandmother died my cousin visited me at night in my bedroom. I hadn’t fallen asleep yet. An image developed near the end of my bed. For whatever reason I sensed that it was my cousin, Tim. He had died earlier that year from a congenital heart defect and this was the first death that I actually understood a little bit about. The Image was about his size and he gave me the thought of our grandmother then the thought that she would die.

I kept thinking that I should be afraid but I wasn’t. I just understood it was him and he was delivering me a message. Less than two weeks later my grandmother died of stomach cancer. Since that time I absolutely “knew” that we exist after death and we are able to have some type of communication with the living.

Years later I was having a difficult time getting through my divorce and I would turn to my grandmother for support. I would talk to her and ask for her comfort and guidance. I truly believe she helped me at that time and I got through it mostly because of her.

I had a simple, uncomplicated job at the time that had a commute. I was leaving my job and it was after 9pm. The route went along the Niagara River for a short distance and I always loved being around water for the energy. I loved that stretch where I could see the waves and hear the pounding of water against the shore. I was speaking to my grandmother about how I was feeling at the time. It happened without any warning or preparation. I was removed from my actual presence in my car. It was very bright. Like sunshine but unbelievable intense. I felt like I was floating and weightless. Everything changed, including the sounds and feelings of the environment. I was immersed in the most profound and total feelings of love. I somehow sensed there were people around me. I understood their thoughts and felt their love for me through and through. At the time I believed they were my ancestors because it felt like family. They were invested in me because there was a connection between us.

I gasped, audibly. It was a glimpse. The entire experience was very brief but so profound. I cried. Actually, I blubbered. There were tears running down my face and I was whaling loudly. I remember thanking my grandmother for such a beautiful experience. I had complete faith in an instant. I never questioned the presence of God, the grandeur of Heaven or that there must be a higher purpose for my life.

It was a gift that changed my life. I wanted to believe in something and God gave me just what I needed at that dark time of my life. That is what it took. This same type of event has not happened again. I wished for it many times but that was my only glimpse.

Despite this momentous experience, I still had to do the work. There were many things I had to change starting with my mood and attitude. It has been a long road but I am so blessed right now. I have faith. I am content. I know the purpose of life and I am here to share that with you. The upside is that I am a psychic medium. I communicate with spirit so I understand the direction that we all need.

  1. We are God in human form.
  2. Our lives are charted so we may grow closer to God and Heaven. There are lessons that we already know and more to learn, this is the way to stay on track.
  3. Love is always the answer.

My challenge is to bring such a profound truth to you in ways that will impact your life. I don’t have the ability to bust you out of your current space and immerse you in Heaven. This would be so much easier if I did!

My love to you. I am honored to be a part of your life. Walk with me because I am eager to share and I have a genuine ability to help both of us along.


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