3 Excellent Starting Points

Fight your urge to over react. Everyone is not against you but there may be some underlying dynamics that you may not have counted on. It is possible to be independent yet not alone.

Emotional healing will naturally pull you out of some problem relationships without that being the intention. If you are seeking emotional stability and some of your current relationships cause you to react poorly, then you may distance yourself from them. Or, limit the amount of time that you are in contact with them. Once you have some inner strength and confidence you may approach them to reconnect at a deeper level. It may take time to find a healthy balance with some of your closer friends and family.

You are not alone but you are being prudent about how much contact you have with emotionally charged people. It is a selective aloneness. You begin to make better decisions about how to maintain your own stability in a group of people. The pronounced mood swings that you may have noticed become less intense. You find more neutral ground from which to interact with the world.

This is finding moderation when all you used to know was intense reactivity. It is important to recognize the highs and lows and realize that there is a better balance in moderation. This is what we are trying to introduce when we speak about the Inner Child and other emotional issues that need to be addressed. Uncovering the layers of emotional turmoil must occur in order for you to find mindfulness and balance.

By refusing to look deeper into your emotional make-up you will not actually reach any level of moderation. Any crisis will send you either too high or too low. You will be right back to where you started. You will react by being pulled out of your balance and stability. After things blow over you may realize that you lost your cool, again.

There is balance when you are grounded, centered and comfortable inside of yourself. Emotional events will pull at you but your best reaction is from where you are; comfortably inside of you. You will eventually remember to respond to life and remain grounded inside. Your decision making and problem solving skills will be strong. You will maintain a level head and present others with the best possible solutions. That emotional roller coaster has been shut down for removal.

You will also notice other people who are still reacting with extreme emotions. Then, from your stable viewpoint, you will see how irrational a lot of people actually seem. You may remember that you used to react in the same manner. Perhaps at that time you would express thanks to the universe that you have found a better way to interact with your environment. You will resist any urge to get pulled out of your center because there is so much more comfort being in complete control of your emotions.

There is so much to learn in a short amount of time. This may seem to be progressing quickly but there are some more important matters that we must get to soon. What we want to do is lay groundwork for future learning. We will present these topics and provide direction then ask you to do some searching on your own.

Meditation is obviously very important. This is how you find inner peace and a deeper connection to spirit. If you increase your intuition you may navigate troubling times with more ease and wisdom. It is much easier to respond to life when you are deeply connected to yourself and understand that you will always be emotionally well.

The second matter is the Inner Child. We have presented a much abbreviated overview of this topic. There is so much more to this and we hope that you enjoy your research. This will become more evident when healing your layers of emotionally charged topics. If you hit a bump in the road and memories of your childhood experiences pop to the surface, you will know this is your Inner Child.

The next topic is balance and moderation. When emotions boil to the surface it is important to remember your way back “home.” In this instance, home is inside you. This is where you are safe, secure and minimally reactive to life experiences. You resist being pulled out of your core and you will respond with strength and wisdom.

These three topics will help each of you to navigate your healing more successfully. There is so much more to cover but let us begin with these first three concepts. There is a mountain of information for you to look through. Find some pieces that resonate with you and be watchful when each of these topics present in everyday life. Remember to be your own positive, proactive, supportive parent and maintain your inward balance.

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