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The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting different results. You do not heal by hoping that you will, by letting things go and being in denial. Real healing takes active participation on the part of the person being healed. Even a change of location will not work because you will recreate all of the same problems in your life because nothing fundamental has changed. You will just be sad and lonely in someplace unfamiliar to you.

You do not heal by prayer alone. You may gain insight or inspiration but the work still needs to get done. It isn’t magic. There is no special formula or transformative dream. It is what it is until you figure out what the problem is, address it and cope with life after. Then, you must resist falling back into old patterns. There are no shortcuts.

Life will keep bringing you the problem every now and then. Your soul is urging you to accept that you have a problem and then address it. Your soul just won’t give up because the purpose of human life is to experience many different things and recover from the ones that have caused damage. You are intended to find good health and balance again. The reason for the experience was to learn from it and walk forward with a new understanding. Another reason is to be empathetic to others going through something similar. You start out as the student and then become the teacher or healer.

The struggles in life are truly not random. You charted these experiences in order to learn from them. If you look honestly at your life you can usually see that everything is not wrong or problematic. You usually have a few problem areas and then the rest is manageable. You may have a good income but trouble finding love. Or, you are unsure of what you want to do as a career but had a happy, healthy childhood. Maybe you have found the love of your life but suffer from mental illness. Be objective. Find the lifelines that are successful and be thankful. Build upon those successes while you work on the ones that aren’t going so well.

It truly does seem that the problem areas are the ones that you desperately want to work out. You may have strong family ties, a good job and good health but have not found success in love. This is great! Then there are fewer areas that need your attention. You may have some wonderful qualities and financial success but ongoing turmoil with your parent(s). Again, this means only one area needs your attention! However, this is not the norm. Usually people have a few problem areas in their lives but the basic premise is still true. Address the lifelines that are not working well and optimize the lifelines that are working. It is your habit to catastrophize life. “Everything” is so awful when really only a few things are wrong. Make sure you view your life realistically.

You may ask for guidance from God and spirit but what you will get is the direction regarding the most prominent problem. Not the problem that you may be seeking direction for. You will get the answer that you need but not the one you want. The universe has different priorities than you do. There is no way to twist a Higher Power into giving only what you want and not what you need. That is not how the universe works. It is like seeing a therapist and only discussing what you want and not what the clinician would like to address. This is not how therapy works either.

Many people believe that healing happens in layers. This is true. You may begin your quest to heal by focusing on the most prominent problem. Then, when you achieve some amount of relief, there may be another issue that will rise to the surface. It may be something completely unexpected or a reasonable progression in your mind. Then, you make progress on that topic and deal with the other problems that may now be evident. Usually, you will not be overwhelmed by matters that need your attention. There is one instance when this will occur. If you have been ignoring, avoiding and refusing to deal with any issue, thought or feeling, you may be overcome by depression, a psychotic depression, anxiety, panic or losing touch with reality. How did this happen? You ignored all of the cues leading up to that point and did nothing to heal or cope.

God, spirit and departed loved ones do not set out to overwhelm you. They push the limit when you resist taking any steps to heal what is obviously wrong. You have left them with no other choice. They have to get your attention and force you into a situation where treatment cannot be avoided. Even then a person may still insist upon being in denial. Then, there really isn’t much that anyone can do to help them. Their life will become all about managing symptoms and suffering from a shortened life span. Some may not even manage symptoms. There isn’t much to do for someone who won’t help themselves.

Most of the population will not allow themselves to get to this point. The progression of mental illness and anxiety can be turned around before the symptoms become permanent. You must realize that these issues are a cue to a much deeper problem. You are not suicidal because of simple, minimal conflict. This is a progression as well. Your own objectivity is needed to intervene at any point on your health continuum. Stop the progression and get help. Understand that Divine intervention may be urging you to start the healing process.

  1. List your issues and concerns.
  2. Read books, search the internet and investigate different types of help.
  3. Get started working on the most prominent problem.
  4. You may be able to work on a few issues simultaneously but it is OK if you do not.
  5. Resolve this concern until you have managed the effects that it has on your life.
  6. Address the next prominent concern.
  7. Resist any back sliding.

Always remember that the universe will present the most prominent problem for you to deal with. It is often not the problem that you consider the most important. Be available to cues that will guide you to things that need to change. The universe will rarely hold out a sign in front of you with exact instructions about what and how to heal. The clues are more subtle but should still get your attention. Treat your depression before you become suicidal. Treat your anxiety before you suffer from severe panic attacks. Get treatment if you lose touch with reality. Any of these symptoms could get worse and become permanent if left untreated. If you become mentally disabled and unable to recover, your soul will have lost touch with you as well. You did not intent for your life to end this way. Do the work and find relief in spiritual, emotional and physical healing.

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