There Is too Much To Do!

Direction from spirit seems like a lot. It is known that changes take time. Maybe start with the smaller tasks and get some positive growth on your side until you decide to change something bigger. Many people don’t have a multitude of things to change. That is the relief that you may need.

It may help to compile a list of goals so that rather than be overwhelmed you will be organized and making priorities. Some important aspects of your life may not change but you will instead find ways to address how you feel and think while still in the same situation. This will encourage feelings of empowerment. If the situation is the same but you have developed successful ways of coping with it, this is still success. You have handled an important aspect of your life allowing for increased spiritual growth.

Try not to be overwhelmed. Life changes take time and you are the creator of your own experience. If you find joy, hope and love in a life where a lot of things haven’t changed then you are progressing on your path. You decide how to make adjustments and find a better perspective. Prayer, meditation and inner strength will help immensely and these are all actions that are within your reach right now.

Self-talk has a lot to do with your coping and feelings of success. This one simple change will actually make a huge impact on how you live. Again, this is something that you can do now. No one knows you have changed the way you talk to yourself. These are some simple steps that are giving you the strength to manage what happens in your life and how you feel about yourself.

It is important to create space between you and people who hurt your feelings. You don’t have to get rid of half of your family but you do need some resilience and confidence. The distance that you create may be simply in what you say to yourself in certain situations. People close to you make hurtful statements but you stop your usual reaction and instead give them space in how you think and feel inside your mind. “Reacting” gives those people power over you. Being proactive and prepared for their rhetoric gives you back your personal power.

“Aunt Jane is sad and lonely. She copes by complaining about anything and everything. This leaves me upset and distraught after I visit her.” Instead of challenging Aunt Jane, allow her to have these feelings for herself. She owns them and they are not yours. You may choose to release any concern over what your Aunt has complained about and instead say to yourself how nice it was to see her. You are proud of yourself for being close to her and let everything else go. For this to be successful you must release any upset that a visit to Aunt Jane brings about.

Allow family or friends have their own dysfunction or inability to cope. You may sit in a room full of people and look around at one person then another. Are you upset? Is anyone hurting your feelings? Is there conflict? None of this turmoil is yours. You are merely in an environment where the people close to you are acting out in response to their own issues. You are impacted by their behavior but you must not own it. It is not yours.

One person is very young and immature. They tend to be anxious. Another person is going through a divorce and they are angry about everything. Someone else is an alcoholic and hasn’t had a drink in a while. Are any of these behaviors yours? No. Why would you take on any issues that are not yours? It is a room full of people reacting to their own problems. You may take on these problems but spirit cautions you to release it again and leave it with the person who owns it.

Are many of them directing their upset at you? This is when you need that inner stability to keep from being hurt. Their thoughts or feelings about you do not need any merit. Love and trust in yourself. Be able to release any anger or criticism. Things that were said came about from their own needs. You are not their pawn. Being able to withstand this behavior is a true test to your coping ability. Allowing you to be hurt is not productive. Do your best to keep a proper perspective.

Being loving and supportive doesn’t require you to experience the stress and physical illness that the other person is going through. Walk with anyone. Be attentive to what they need but maintain your own health and well-being. These are boundaries. For you to heal and find spiritual strength you need healthy boundaries.

There is a vast amount of information on boundaries. Search the internet or find a book. Do whatever resonates with you. This one step will make you successful at finding your inner strength and then be able to build upon it.

No one is asking you to overhaul your life. Yes, spirit is blunt and states their direction matter-of-factually. People need more emotion and nuance. Here is a short list of what you may do now to regain your personal power. This is internal. You are not building a concrete wall or expansive bridge. You are going inward to take control of your emotions, feelings and ability to cope.

  1. Pray
  2. Meditate
  3. Use positive self-talk
  4. Regain/maintain your personal power
  5. Develop healthy boundaries, refuse to follow the rhetoric

It is OK to be in that room full of emotions. These are likely your loved ones anyway. Find your own peace. Speak words that are positive and supportive. They need your understanding but resist taking their issues on as your own. This is when you would create some emotional distance and rely on your healthy, proactive boundaries.

Any Inner Child work we do may not have the same healing qualities if you lack emotional stability. Use the list of 5 things. When you bring about some emotions that you may have not dealt with this is some ways to manage any upset. Do not stuff your feelings. This will not get you anywhere. Allow yourself to meet your emotions, accept them, find forgiveness and let them go. This next step will not undo you it will give you untold strength. Anything that your Inner Child has yet to deal with is always behind you. Just by being here means that you have been successful and still are.

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