A Reminder

Spirit is very blunt. They don’t soften many messages. The last post was for you to be aware that there may be issues that will impact your healing. Many of you may not have realized that certain issues will require some amount of healing or at least acknowledgment for you to continue along your path.

Leaving an abuser may not be the best move unless you have done some planning and preparation. Some people never leave but if this is the case YOU must resolve how the abuse impacts your spiritual health. You may also stay in contact with your abusive, manipulating mother. Again, you must address how her behavior impacts your emotional health. Some amount of resolution will be required.

It is not beneficial for you to leave all emotional matters untouched. This is not how self-actualization works. In order to find any measure of healing you must find more self-respect and less conflict. Many people who travel on the spiritual path will address concerns along the way. If you are centered, grounded and meditate daily you may lose your tolerance for someone needy and aggressive. In order to find spiritual healing you may need to find a healthy distance between you and those who do not value you. This is a slow process and may be easier for you to process.

Again, spirit may state, “You must leave.” But they may not know the practicality of this direction. Angels are also very direct. Find your middle ground and make adjustments that resonate with you. The intent of the last post is to explain, in detail, how negative conditions impact your spiritual growth. Take the lesson and be mindful of the content. You may want to read through the post again at a later date. Your life does change and your strength and independence will bring about positive results. Recognizing positive changes will motivate you to continue and reaffirm the progress that you have made.

Once you begin to heal the Inner Child you will recognize the impact that this integral part of you has on continued growth. It will feel good to be whole and free from inner turmoil.

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