Releasing IC Blockages

Inner Child work is not usually pleasant. Many people dread unearthing pain and emotions from childhood. These feelings are avoided intentionally. They are buried because the individual wants them to be. One of the most common fears is to unearth Inner Child memories and be unable to control your emotions or function properly in daily life.

People would rather turn away from this type of inner healing. It is necessary to heal this part of you so real healing and spiritual progress may take place. Without this important step you would fruitlessly try to build a sturdy, safe home on a quicksand foundation. It won’t be real or genuine.

Looking inward is a big step in self-actualization. Many want to look to other people, situation, events or relationships to make them happy. This type of contentment is not created outside of you. It is found inside and then built upon after you have found your safety, security, good health and well-being. Even the expectation of self-satisfaction coming from outside of you seems terribly flawed. Do you think it is easier to fill your life with people and things than to truly heal from any pain and trauma? It is easier but it also doesn’t work.

In order to proceed to the necessary Inner Child work you will need to meditate with moderate success. It will be far easier to find and address your IC in this manner. There may be some remote success through prayer, imagery and communication during your deep sleep, but meditation will work best.

There are many things that must happen in order to successfully heal. Any matters that are unavoidable will have to be addressed. This includes any attitude, behavior or situation which minimizes or diminishes your self-worth. This includes mental illness, substance abuse, abusive relationships where you are the abuser or the victim, lying and any other forms of manipulation, not accepting responsibility for your own behavior and etheric cords to or from you which drain or manipulate you or others.

These issues are paramount to building a life of spiritual knowledge and growth. In general, it is the concept of living honestly and being independent. Anything that interferes with your actual intent and behavior must be resolved prior to continued healing.

Any mental illness must be addressed. Most often this is depression. If you lack emotional stability, you begin to feel hopeless and helpless. These are symptoms of depression. It may be situational like a response to actual upsetting factors in your life. It may also be biomedical like an imbalance in neurotransmitters which create the feelings of happiness and being positive. Either way this has to be addressed. You may need counseling and medication. Hoping to feel better will not work. It must be addressed effectively.

There are other forms of mental illness that will need some intervention. Any psychosis, anxiety/panic, compulsive disorders or personality disorders need treatment. You are unable to live genuinely if you have these issues. Any of them will alter your ability to perceive your relationships and environment accurately. You will also be unable to respond to life situations if you’re impaired in this manner. Then there are times when one individual suffers from one or more of these disorders. Treatment is needed to find the spiritual healing and wellness that you seek. If you believe that you will reach your spiritual goals without addressing any mental illness, you are mistaken.

Alcohol and drugs do not allow you to deal honestly with your life and environment. If you are altered or dulled in any way, this is not genuine. At the age you begin to abuse substances is the emotional age that you remain until you resolve your substance abuse. You cease to deal with your actual genuine life circumstances when you alter your coping, behavior and perception. It is like a big STOP sign. You may be 40 years old yet have the emotional capacity of a teenager. This will definitely alter your ability to heal and live honestly in the Universe.

Abusive relationships are a giant roadblock to good emotional health. If you live each day by diminishing anyone else, this is not genuine. You also lack emotional health and well-being when you allow others to diminish you. Either way this dynamic prevents either person from self-actualization. This may be a learned behavior from your childhood or you may have succumbed to this as a young adult or adult. To limit and release this emotional dynamic will take time, support and treatment. The longer the abuse has lasted, the more difficult it is to undo it. Any amount of intervention may be needed. This arrangement likely involves family, friends, possibly law enforcement and the courts. To turn back all responses and expectations will take time and effort.

This is also complicated by the abuser being enabled and the victim being blamed and accepting the victim role. If this situation has existed for years the abuser will feel entitled to their behavior since the passage of time creates feelings of invincibility. The same is also true about the victim. They may begin to feel that they deserve to be mistreated and no one will treat them any better. It is a learned helplessness that may also lead to depression or other treatable mental illness.

Child abuse or neglect is also serious enough to impede any real possibility of spiritual success. Many people who abuse or mistreat their children/step children feel entitled to behave this way. They feel a sense of superiority and will often create situations where the child is held responsible for things beyond their control. This is a negative coping mechanism for some people. If they are unable to accept responsibility for their own behavior they will divert the attention toward the child/children. They refuse to accept that the child is not capable of being responsible for something they haven’t been taught or are unable to maneuver due to their immaturity and lack of experience. The abuser feigns being incredulous when presented with this. Somehow they don’t understand that they are responsible for the actions of a child in this manner.

The parent or parenting adult must be reasonable with expectations placed upon a child. Abuse and neglect are not perpetrated by the child being abused. This is irrational yet some adults will offer this explanation. There are times when the child has serious issues which may cause unmanageable behavior. This must be addressed by the parent, school and physician. Even then, you are not entitled to abuse or neglect them. Living honestly is represented by seeking and achieving emotional well-being in an effort to responsibly parent your child/children. Heal yourself and then seek healing for them.

If one responsible adult is abusing or neglecting the child/children, the remaining parent takes action to remove any toxic situations and promote good health and healing. This is uncommon. People do not actively pursue being completely responsible for the children, home, finances and wellness of everyone involved. This adult will instead attempt to manage the dysfunction without making any drastic changes. This leaves the children abused/neglected and possibly continues their own abuse by the perpetrating parent. Then, they are again incredulous that their children are not emotionally healthy and successful in life. They can’t comprehend why they would act out at home, in school or public arena or at least pretend they don’t understand.

Lying and manipulation is definitely not living a genuine honest life. This behavior will lower your vibration and increase your chances of living in the dark.

Not accepting responsibility for your own behavior is very important. This is a major milestone for maturity. Accepting responsibility creates a stability of its own. This is part of the foundation on which you build your positive, proactive life.

Etheric cords are another important topic. We have discussed these cords in the past so you may search this site and read some earlier posts. You may also search the internet. There are some really good sites about etheric cords. Basically, they are energy cords which you send out and receive. These are exchanged with people who are important to you but also people that you have had intense relationships with. These cords may be positive or negative. They are means of control for the negative, controlling person or a means of making sure someone is OK for the positive reason.

If you are sending out cords to control, manipulate and interfere with their free will then you must stop and resist the urge to send another one out. This is not positive or beneficial to behave in this manner. You may also send out cords to keep track of loved ones. This type of cord is not needed. Trust and have faith that someone is on their path and living the life they have written. If they are in trouble they can send out an “emergency beacon” cord. Many people receive these when they say that they just knew someone was in trouble, sick or needing immediate attention.

The exchange of cords unnecessarily interferes with someone’s energy, feelings of safety and ability to be self-determined.

There are cords between parents and children out of concern but again, if the child needs immediate help the signal will go out to the parent.

These issues need to be addressed when discussing your emotional health and prior to Inner Child work. Our goal is to build your spiritual health and success upon a sturdy, positive foundation. If you make attempts to rebuild your life on dysfunction and untruths there will be no measurable success. Please open up to making positive changes in your life, family and environment. Accept that you have some changes to make and be ready to increase your vibration. Living in the Light is its own reward. The blockages of your past will not interfere with who you are intended to be.

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