An Exciting Offer

Hello! This is Lisa. I am pressing forward with my spiritual advancement and I have been guided to offer some specialized assistance to those who are interested. I am a psychic medium. I speak to spirit and higher guides and relay information. When I do a reading, I speak to your guides or departed loved ones, not my own. I hear them speaking and they hear me in return. I have all the “clairs.” Clairaudient, clairsentient… I see, hear, feel, smell and taste. This is spontaneous without items, cards, photos…

What I can do now is assist you to find some of your Inner Child concerns. I will give limited information upon request. The information is limited because you must deal with your own emotional concerns. It will not achieve anything if I know all about what has happened to harm you in your life. This is your journey.

I offer free services anytime and most people do not take advantage of them. My one concern is how you respond to the information that I will provide. I have gone over this a few times on this site and I will address this again now.

  1. I do not know you personally and never will.
  2. I have nothing to gain from misleading or lying to you about anything. I am a good person and I work daily to stay in the Light.
  3. There is no way for me to have personal information by asking your friends or family. The logistics of that would be mind boggling.
  4. Much of what is revealed in a reading is emotionally painful. It is often matters that you really don’t want to look at.
  5. It is not my direction. Spirit, higher guides or departed loved ones are sending you information.
  6. If you are hurt or angry, it is NOT Lisa said this or that. No, I wouldn’t presume to give you advice. If I had a personal reading I would be offended by receiving the psychic’s advice. That is not the purpose of the reading.
  7. It may take time for you to understand or accept the information provided. Your initial reaction may be shock, anger or fear, but in a few weeks or months, it will fall into place. The truth may not be readily accepted by anyone. It isn’t the accuracy of the information that will change it is your receptiveness that will. Relax, release any anxiety and use what has been offered to help you.
  8. I am not offended if you don’t use this information. It is none of my business.
  9. What I am is direct and blunt. This may put you off but I don’t want to misconstrue anything offered by spirit. I will tell you as they tell me and spirit is blunt. Sugar coating is not my strength. I want truth and accuracy if I get a reading and I hope you do too.
  10. This is private information. I don’t post anything personal said to me. There are times when I publish a post and it refers to specific issues that someone may be dealing with. This still is not me; spirit is presenting the post for me to publish.

I do not charge a fee and I will try to be punctual. I use a web address that I do not check every day but I will make that effort for you. I get the wordpress comments at that address so if you choose to use that route, it is more than ok.

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