Follow Up…

Thank you for your timely input! This post has raised a lot of interest in the subject and that is good. We stress again that this is not concrete. Many people who raise children do not fit perfectly in any one of these categories. There is a lot of room for interpretation. The idea was put out there to show you the dynamic of potentially unhealthy environments in which children are raised. The top of the list is suggested to be optimal. The bottom scenario may not be the bottom after all. There are worse environments for children to live in. These are loose examples.

If you recognize yourself or anyone else in this hierarchy then accept that there may be room for growth and positive adjustments. If you were raised with two emotionally healthy parents but still developed some of the dysfunctional behavior that is possible as well. These are guidelines only.

We posted the truth that all dysfunctional behavior was not listed. You may be irked that your particular set of circumstances did not get referenced but this is not productive to the point We are trying to make. The further away from optimal the more possibility that the children will suffer.

There are many factors that contribute to the home environment. As We always say, the decision about whether something is healthy or not is a simple yes or no question. No “yes, but…” or “no, but…”

Is one parent or parent figure depressed, abusing substances, cheating on their partner, physically harming the children, gaining money through illegal means, abusing their own parent, grandparent or parent figure? These are negative influences on the home environment. Simple yes or no questions. It is simple if you leave out any guilt, shame or blame. Look at the topic as a single element. Is it positive or negative? It doesn’t matter who is at fault, what the cause of the situation is or do We address the matter specifically or leave it general.

We are not here to play word games. You want layers of problems, damages and results. We are discussing things generally for now. We intend to get more specific after We are confident that you get Our intent with this post. Understand the basic premise and We will continue Our lesson.

Some of you are caught up on the success of the previous generations. Maybe great grandma and great grandpa had money and a nice home. But in reality Great grandpa was a ruthless businessman and great grandma dealt some severe physical abuse and called it punishment. Then this is not the optimal situation. You want to split hairs and We wonder why? Our only thought is that you are defensive. You somehow feel singled out or unfairly scrutinized. Perhaps you believe We blame you for the state of your household.

Please remove yourself from this situation and just look at the premise We are presenting. The amount and severity of problems in the household affect the children who live there. Essentially, the child from this environment will then create a household with more concerns due to the dysfunction not being addressed during their childhood and young adulthood. If intervention occurs, this dynamic may improve. No one is doomed to failure and We wish to present this fairly. Even in a seriously conflicted environment, an emotionally healthy child may arise. We will not close the door on anyone.

Step back and relax. We have obviously brought up a sensitive subject but this is why We are here. Let Us move forward in positivity and grace. It may all get better and you will be responsible. Understand this concept and have a greater understanding of the Universe. You are now the student but one day you will be the teacher.

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