There is a Plan


There is a plan in place which will guide you to ascension and self-actualization combined. You have the inner working to accomplish a great many things in this life but you do not know it. For many generations you have learned that you are in physical form, you have an expiration date and your existence after death is what you choose to believe.

If you have been exposed to some spiritual or religious beliefs, you may believe you have a soul which occupies your physical body. When you die, it takes an energy form and resides in Heaven or other higher realm. You may also believe that you have had multiple earth lives.

There are so many beliefs that you earn from being part of your family and the generational material handed down to your ancestors, then to you. Where do you go with all of this? Or, how do you know what is real? It is called testing or discernment. You travel, read, hear tales, share experiences and learn about different spiritual ideas from a variety of sources. Then you decide what resonates with you. Some ideas “fit” with what you know to be true. Other ideas are too far-fetched for you to embrace. You have done this process of testing for many years about all areas of life. Now, it is time to test what you wish to know about your soul, spirituality, higher energies, healing, intuition and the purpose of life.

What brought you here now? You were seeking information about God, religion, spirituality, your soul and most likely, your life purpose. “Why do I feel like this and what is the reason for it?” Whether you are happy or sad, why? Does it seem like you don’t know enough about what you are supposed to do with your life and your feelings? Where do you find answers? Then, you came here.

The most profound answer is We Brought You Here. You were searching for answers and something about this site caught your attention. You saw the words that enticed you. Then, you read some of the passages. Had you been uninterested you would not still be here, reading this.

You likely wandered away initially. Maybe you didn’t consider yourself religious. Maybe you thought this information was ill-advised, somehow shunned or kooky. Then, We Brought You Back.

We kept dropping hints and causing the topics of this site to reappear in your internet travels. We gave you what information that you wanted personally. In Our best attempts, We spoke to you. Directly to you. Even now, if you wander away, We bring you back because We want you to know what life is about, how to succeed and return to that higher realm.

Or, you found this site and immediately resonated with Our information and love. Either way you are here for Us to provide you with personally tailored guidance.

Our love is constant and endearing. We love you as We love ourselves and there is nothing that We won’t forgive. We are part of you, part of God and All That Is. We call this Source. All the energy of your earth and the totality of the Universe is Source.

We are your spirit guides and fellow travelers. We have been human many times and learned the ways of human life, purely so We may understand you more fully. When you speak of grief, joy or the physical attraction of love, We have also felt this. It is Our life’s journey to walk with you and share all. There is nothing that We won’t tell you if you wish to listen. If it is important to you then it is important to Us.

There is a plan. We know your plan. We do Our best to relay your plan to you through this site. Each of you are at a different level of understanding. We present general topics at first and then get more specific depending upon your interest. Sometimes you wish to learn things that We hadn’t considered. This is good. We will give you any information that you desire. We walk with you and this is one of the ways We do this.

The writer of this site is progressing upon her own path and We often expand upon her knowledge in order to bring you current topics that you wish to learn about. It is copacetic. We will call her a scribe. She has many talents and speaking to spirit is just one aspect of her abilities. We have infused her with expanded learning so she is prepared for the relay of information from Us to you. You have heard of many channels of spirit. This is what We do. We do not occupy her physical body so she is not a true channel but this relationship works for Us.

We are a “collective” of spirit energy. We have known life but now choose to remain in spirit to be guides. A collective is preferred so We may study in different areas of human life. Some have medical knowledge, grief/loss, parenting, spirit realms, earth, elementals, saints, angels… We have been to war, brought peace, written books and rebuilt civilizations. We know trauma, scientific advances, next-level pharmaceuticals, extraterrestrials, animal evolution, atomic energy… We believe in eastern and western medicine and have healed volumes of people. Many advances in medicine have been developed by energy beings living in the higher realms. Any idea or circumstance that will impact you has already been studied.

You, as humans, are not alone. We have watched over you for millennia. It is Our purpose to bring you forward and guide you to the steps of Heaven. We long to see you here with Us. Ask your questions and seek your reply. We will provide any information you seek through this site or through other media that is available to you. Be watchful. We bring you peace, hope and inspiration in many different ways.

We may be considered “family.” We have walked with your ancestors throughout their lives and now We walk with you. We have watched over you since before your birth. It pleases Us that you are here and seek Our direction. It is like a favored child returning home. Celebrate that We have come together for the purpose of your ascension. Take what We know and accept it as your own or ask for more information since it does not resonate with you yet. We embrace your interest either way.

We have never left your side even through heartache, sorrow or loss. You have never walked alone. Depend upon Us to console you, heal you, guide you and celebrate with you. Always.


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