The 5th Dimension: Beginner Information

As we, on earth, move to a higher frequency, we must expect and allow changes in the way we feel, act and perceive. Many conversations about the shift to a higher dimension have taken place for many years. Some of us are just now becoming aware of these phenomena. Our plane is shifting from a solid state to a more fluid one. We have transitioned to 5D together but some of us are not aware of it.

What does this feel like? Unfamiliar. Those of you who have been meditating with some success will recognize the feeling. Those of you who have remained more solid with concrete thinking will not. If you don’t know what a higher vibration feels like, many sensations will also be unfamiliar. This is a list of some possibilities.

  1. Prone to emotional upset including anger and frustration.
  2. Conflict with people or your environment since your previous perception of reality is now unfamiliar. You may feel defensive and lash out in confusion.
  3. Feeling out-of-sorts. Something is off but you may not realize exactly what it is.
  4. More physical pain or feelings of discomfort. The pressure of the 5th dimension impacts the body differently and you will feel unfamiliar aches and pains. The Universe is attempting to open your energy centers, endocrine glands, your senses, brain, connection to God and Mother Earth and remove blockages.
  5. Episodes of mental numbness or fatigue. You may zone out while doing routine things or during lulls in environmental stimuli.
  6. Unfamiliar contact with spirit or other supernatural stimuli. You have increased your vibration so spirit or other beings of Light may contact you more easily. This may include expanded sights of energy, colors, or unexpected movement.
  7. Changes in sleep and eating habits.
  8. You may feel like someone or something is pushing you to the side, the front or back. This is the Universe trying to blend with your energy body and awaken some dormant cells and organs. Your resistance to this is what makes you feel pushed.
  9. Headache, impaired sight or muscle stress in shoulders, chest and/or upper back from the downward pressure of this atmospheric change.
  10. Due to changes in your perception and motion you may be accident prone or more susceptible to illness. Flu-like symptoms may signal these atmospheric changes.

People who are more comfortable with the higher vibration may respond differently. This is a list of possible reactions.

  1. All of your senses may be more sensitive. Sights, sounds, smells, flavors and sensations will be more vibrant and profound. You may question your mental stability. “Does anyone else feel this?… or smell that?”
  2. Being at a higher vibration will also increase your intuition. You may have information that you are not familiar with. Matters will make sense easily and you will have a heightened perception of the emotional feelings, thoughts or motives of others.
  3. You may feel euphoric. You may be happy for an undistinguishable reason. Others may notice your improved mood.
  4. Release of upset, illness or injury is possible. By being optimistic and intensely hopeful your usual aches and pains may resolve more easily or you will have less upset because of them.
  5. You may have motivation to get things done or start new projects.
  6. You may be hungrier. Heightened senses burn more calories.
  7. You may need less sleep since you feel better, have fewer aches & pains and are more motivated to do things.
  8. You may appear younger. The lines in your face may smooth and the stress free look of happiness is remarkable. You may appear to stop aging.
  9. Your body may feel different. You may feel taller, lighter or able to move more freely.
  10. Mental activity may require less effort including reading, comprehension and problem solving.
  11. Improved relationships may result because conflict is manageable, coping is easier, and the opposition of others is less upsetting. You may accept their behavior and go along your way.
  12. Healing may be easier and more complete.
  13. You may find your path more easily. Synchronicities are more noticeable and common. You may be led in certain directions in order to increase the experiences associated with your destiny.
  14. Usual life matters will resolve as if by magic. You may think it and it will be done.
  15. Manifesting and creation will prove each day to be blessed.

The ascension of humans on earth is a good thing. The changes in energy may cause some changes in behavior, stress or confusion. It is also more common to become embroiled in conflict if you don’t step back and check your own behavior first. Stay grounded and connected to yourself especially when driving or doing any other activity which could possibly injure you or others. Relax as much as possible and release the small stuff.

5D will bring you closer to God and that is why we are here in the first place.

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