The “Home” of Healing

Importance upon the energy in your environment is essential to improving your spirituality. If your home has dark and dismal energy, there is little chance of healing while you are there. Clutter is a word which may describe the energy of your home but also the physical appearance. If you have a messy home, the energy lacks clarity.

Try and fill your home with angels. Ask and expect to be accommodated. Remember to do this a few times a day and see if you can make a palpable difference in how your homes feels. Also fill it with bright light. As always, start with white or gold. Increase the vividness of the color and maintain this light flooded state for as long as you can. It may be easier to envision if the light comes from above and the waste runs out the bottom like a faucet of Divine energy. Keep performing this exercise until you believe you have made a difference.

Always thank mother earth for accepting this runoff and pray for her to turn it into something beautiful and healthy. Many people caution about sending mother too much dark energy. If this concerns you, place the energy in an impermeable package and send it to Heaven. Attach a hot air balloon, airplane or drone to it and see it rise out of sight. Just make sure you send it somewhere so this dark and dismal energy doesn’t just collect in your home again. It is also possible to intensify the light to the point where the debris burns up or disappears.

Then, as with any void that you may create, fill the area back up with healthy, vibrant and fluid light. This is important if you cleanse your physical being so you don’t inadvertently fill up with energy that is not desired or helpful.

Color is an effective cleanser and healer. You may wash your being with bright light whenever you wish, just like flushing your car, office or any other community place. It is important to remember the areas that you don’t see directly. Cleanse the floors to the roof, under furniture, behind any door or cabinet, inside walls and through the basement or crawl space. Healing needs to take place in, around and through.

Many people forget the bottom of their feet, the top of their head or their back if they are cleansing their physical self. There are areas of hidden energy that you must flush as well. It may be in your tailbone, behind your sternum, in your spine and upper back behind your scapula. Your subconscious may be sneaky about where it hides some darker memories, injuries, conflict or lack of self-esteem. Some past life events may still be hidden as well.

Be thorough. Flush and flush again. Do your best to feel buoyant. Then, fill up with the Light of God.

Your inner dialog will also need some fine tuning. Be positive, hopeful and certain that you have everything you want and need. Tell yourself that you are successful, energetic and creative. Be insistent that you are filled with positive energy and that you are on your path and completing your life’s work.


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