The Rush of Summer



The rush of Summer slows to a moderate Autumn. The energy is still here but you may receive it like a warm bath. Smooth, steady and serene. Ask for what you want and need. Too many people neglect asking for the blessings of their guides, angels and God because they feel greedy or insignificant. The Power of God is too majestic to be concerned with the needs of just one follower. This is not true. You have many guides, angels and departed loved ones who are near you for your sake only. The entourage. You deserve it and you are worthy of it.

This whole life of yours is important. You came here with the approval of God and many other Heavenly Hosts. You are part of a soul group and you have commitments to uphold. Your life is mingled with the lives of so many others who also matter greatly. God would never belittle your existence and neither should you.

Your life impacts many other lives. All of humanity is a fabric of shared experiences. You learn from others until a time when you are able to teach. You will lead and follow. Success in life is to relearn the basics and start your chart where you may have left off in your previous life. Or, begin a new chart. Even the process of relearning is expected. You have reached many milestones in previous lives and some of these lessons are relearned to assist you now.

It would be far more efficient if your “relearning” didn’t take as long and you were able to rejoin your chart earlier in life. This may be accomplished through meditation, prayer and faith. Spirit is able to teach you quickly and thoroughly if you are open and receptive. The process of basic life skills would be so fast that you would have much more time for new learning. This is optimal.

Relax and allow the basic premises to be absorbed. Good vs. bad, love vs. hate, trust vs. mistrust… You spend far too much time trying and retrying the basic premises if life. This is not efficient. By far, the best lesson to restart your learning is to resist being selfish. Richness and spiritual rewards do not reach you if you are surrounded in greed. Relax, let your guard down and exist. Accept each lesson, give thanks and move forward.

You know what greed, selfishness, anger, destructive behavior… are. Stop doing it. Restructure your thinking to be honest, hopeful, trusting and benevolent. In this enlightened state, the lessons of this life will flow to you. Faith is a good catalyst for positive change.

Open to God and be receptive. Lose your need to judge, criticize and condemn. Simply be. Relax and open to the flow of life. Very little matters. You busy yourself with how others see you, what they think, do they like you… It is far better to choose a handful of people whose opinion truly matters. Close friends and family and if you work you need to be on good terms with certain people there. Beyond that, be yourself and set some goals. Set aside the daily rhetoric about the small things. Keep up on the matters that involve your life learning and spiritual success.

Scan your body from time to time and release any tension or blockages. Allow life to flow. Envision your body as fluid, brightly colored and stunning. The stress of tedious small stuff will clog your energy quickly and block any positive and loving blessings from your entourage. You will be bogged down with gossip instead of being awash in forgiveness and deep faith.

The answers to life are really this simple. Be good. Be loving. Embrace forgiveness for yourself and others. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Consistently choose to behave as God, for God. You are not here yet and your anxiety for real progress will not be realized until you are. The entrance into Heaven must be worked for. You believe that you only must want to rise up to meet God. This is untrue. You must do the work and make the positive changes to be One with Creation. It is not a wish. A wish won’t work when the rest of your life is dark, negative and self-serving.

Please accept that enlightenment takes attention and changes in thoughts and behavior. Each success may build upon another success. The path to absolution is up. Literally up. A higher vibration, a more lofty pattern of thinking and behavior, charity, benevolence, a brighter aura, prayer and meditation. Up, quicker, lighter and brighter.

Systematically remove everything in your thought, energy and physical body that is darker and lower. You are not able to shine and fly with these barriers to enlightenment. Once you have reached a more vibrant state of existence, God will bring more of your true life to you. In order to maintain your elation you must continue to remove all lower thinking and behavior. This is an energy cycle but it is a positive one. This is the Law of Attraction.

Love begets more love. Faith brings more faith. Charity brings more to give. Healing is its own reward and the confidence that you gain is not superficial or petty. This is true self-actualization, not water cooler chatter.

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