Enter The Light

How do you envision God? Do you have a working premise of what angels look like? How would a saint appear in Heaven?

None of these visions would be dark or dismal. Each image would be full of light and rays of pure Divinity. You would shield your eyes if you were to look directly at them. The shower of pure light would feel protective, nurturing and supportive. Feelings of pure BLISS would permeate you.

This is no trade secret. Each one of you have the ability to shine as bright as a nearby star. Your entire being has an aura of great beauty. Your colors represent many areas of interest and talents. To rid yourself of the grey or darker tones would propel you into a vast burst of positivity and absolution!

This may be your natural state. No secret to it. Envision yourself as bright and vibrant. Fill your life with your positive energy. You have known people who spread their energy throughout a room. This is how it is done. If you were able to see your aura you would simply brighten your natural colors to glow brightly further away from your being. Expand and intensify.

The same may be said of the opposite. A darker being could fill an area with their more dismal energy and influence all activity.

Your goal is to go big and go bright! Start with gold or white. Envision yourself shining with color and glowing far beyond your physical boundaries. Intensify the brightness until you shine like the sun. Smile. Be pleased. Offer love and hope to all who enter and occupy your realm of brilliant light. Bring healing energy where ever you go.

There is an important practice to remember. Envision this gold or white light refilling continuously from above you. The highest point of your physical being is your apex. This is where your abundance of bliss will flow through you. Do not drain your own energy. Tap into the Divine light of Creation.

The brilliance of light from God and all Heavenly Hosts is also available to you. Use it and be uplifted. Share it and provide healing. Your own life will benefit and so will the lives of those around you.

Be bright and full of grace. You are eternal. You may heal just as any being of God may heal. You may know faith. You may be filled with truth. Be the light that you seek and begin your life anew!

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