Your Life is A Pattern of Energy


Earth life is a pattern of energy that you create by the feelings and actions that you take. If you behave in a mostly positive manner, your life is mostly positive. The same is true if you tend to be negative. It is a slight shift unless you do something drastic in either direction.

This shift may be evident when you have “one of those days.” If you find yourself dealing with a multitude of events that seem to be frustrating or wrought with conflict, this may be a trend to that one day. You may find yourself saying, “What else could go wrong?” It is this mindset that keeps your day full of conflict and mistakes. This is the Law of Attraction. You giving up on something positive happening for you is what brings more mayhem.

Then, you may wake up another day and state, “I hope this is not just like that bad day!” You again bring about the emotions and conflict of that frustrating day. Spirit will say that the Universe does not hear the word “not.” Just the fact that you are focusing on something negative will bring it about. It is the overall emotions and feelings that the Universe will respond to, not the actual wording. This may seem to be unfair. Yes, it may be. The lesson here is to respond to a new day only with joy, motivation and expectations of success. In this instance, look forward only.

Looking back is truly only needed when you are seeking to learn the lessons inherent in some of your thoughts, feelings or mistakes. Even in this review you must be positive and hopeful, otherwise you bring the negativity to you. This is intricately specific. Being upbeat and motivated to succeed spiritually is only possible when you are positive and grateful.

You may have had some significant losses or tragic accidents but the Universe still wants you to see the benefit in every experience. This is as God has intended. Placing this earth life into perspective will do the most good for your desire to grow closer to God. The popular saying “What Would Jesus Do?” is a good example of this perspective. It is all meaningful and necessary. Your spiritual growth is the only reason why you are here. Each life contains a specific set of circumstances that you wish to learn from. Luckily, you don’t chart problems in all of your life areas! That would be intense.

You likely chose one or two  major life areas to learn about. Maybe finances and relationships, or health and family. Perhaps, love and career. It varies according to what you came here for. You may had many lives where a love relationship was strong and long-lasting. But, in this life you chose to struggle finding a life mate. You may feel overwhelmed and sad but you didn’t realize that you have had some great loves in many of your lives. Your despair is only in this one life, but you succeed at so many others essential areas.

Perspective has so many facets to it. Please resist the temptation to give up on your dreams and become negative. There is always something that you chose to do and be successful with. If you feel that your life has been unusually negative, We would give you some reasons.

  1. Your perspective is not positive and motivational.
  2. You allow challenges to overcome your faith.
  3. You have more to learn about certain actions and events so they continue to cycle through until you do learn what the lessons are about.
  4. You tend to feel picked on or unsupported when the actual lessons are positive, uplifting and promoting your faith and independence.
  5. You mistakenly believe that the lives that other people live are better than yours.

Truly difficult lives tend to represent that you have incarnated many times and you are ready for something more challenging. You are at the head of the class, not in the corner with the dunce hat on. This is something to be proud of.

The tragedy would be if you cried and felt sorry for yourself this entire incarnation and returned Home without having learned much. Self-pity is not grace. Seeking darkness and condemnation in response to some challenging events would be tragic.

You came here to rise up and meet God. Each occurrence and event is your challenge to overcome and succeed. Experience loss and still find God. Experience illness and still seek grace, glory and eternal life. Fail at some things and still seek perfection in God’s eyes. This is perspective. This is your battle each and every day. Don’t give up and waste this life. Persevere and still seek absolution. No one is perfect but it is still possible to be spiritual and continue to experience some trying times. As long as you continue to move forward, you are successful. If you wake up each day and look for the good, you are able to overcome many trying times. This is so much easier than what you make it.

Perhaps your idea of success is different from that of the Divine’s. You only want true love, millions of dollars, attractive children, perfect health… This is NOT success in the eyes of God. If your life were perfect, there would be little to learn from. There is a lifeline of prosperity but it is intended to teach you to be humble, raise your children without drugs or alcohol, give to the community, fund research to improve human life… People do have this type of life but it is not intended to be easy. There are mistakes, faults and conflict that comes with having great wealth. This lifeline is wrought with failure because of greed, abuse, neglect, self-absorption, manipulation, infatuation, dishonesty, fraud, substance abuse … You are probably thinking, “I’ll give it a try!” Perhaps another time. Your life is currently what you intended.

Success may come to you once you have learned to be positive, helpful, loving and sincere. Being upbeat and open to experiences may bring you some of what you would consider success such as true love, money, an exciting career, good health and spiritual growth. Positive attracts positive. Love begets love. Hope brings more hope. Being eager for learning IS success and life lessons are how you achieve it.

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