What Have You Done?

We have some time left in the Summer. What have you done so far this year in order to make improvements in your spiritual life? We have had some major changes in our world which we have been forced to deal with. There is the election, climate change, forest fires and massive flooding, homegrown terrorism, the death of police officers and increased racial tension. If we wonder about the crisis in our streets, do we internalize the chaos?

We must continue to heal ourselves despite the upset that we often hear about in the news. Be at peace. Remember to be grounded, cleansed and cleared. Flush the dark and muddy colors from your being and make certain that you send crystal clear, brilliant light out into the world.

Be mindful that God wishes you to seek change and reform through peaceful and positive means. Threats, violence, anger and vengeance are not ours to give. We must seek the balance of life and resolve what we have an influence on.

Are we able to stop the terror across the earth? Perhaps to a certain degree. We are able to send love and healing to those who have been affected and sow love and grace in our own communities. Prayer is always needed.  Send angels. Send love. Ask God to bring peace to a land of anger and turmoil.

It is possible to build upon your own feelings of grace and healing by meeting with others who also want to send love. The act of prayer among multiple people builds exponentially and will have a more profound effect.

Build the energy of love in your own community and make certain that you resist the dogma of US/THEM. If you gather in peace and begin to preach of hate, than you are no different from those who are doing harm.

There is so much to heal in your life that you must place your angst for the wrongs of the world in perspective. Heal yourself then make a difference. Find your strength then help others to stand tall. Build upon your self-love then build mountains of love for all.

There is a balance between the world and your own space. To extend yourself outward when you are not well and powerful within, will disturb this balance. The goal is to do both. Show concern about those being harmed AND nurture yourself. You are able to bring about meaningful change if you proceed from a position of strength.

This is also the Law of Attraction. Send out love, healing and peace then receive the same in return. If you send out hate, anger, prejudice, threats of violence… you will receive this as well. Think about the impact of this darkness on your life. Are you prepared to gather all of these negative things and make them a part of your being? This is where you make a disconnect. You mistakenly believe that you can build upon hate, greed and vengeance and not suffer any negative impact. You are being either immature or in denial.

There are consequences to all of your thoughts, actions and intents. Many people see the turmoil in their own lives and believe that it is something done to them. Someone else is at fault and it is not fair that they have to suffer. The truth is completely the opposite. YOU bring the dysfunction in your life by thinking and behaving with dysfunction. Like creates like. Your children are in constant turmoil because you have taught them this. Your relationship with your parents is strained because they created the dysfunction that you grew up with and you have since created your own life of dysfunction.

In contrast, a peaceful, generous life begets the same. Having hope, love and peace will bring about hope, love and peace. Send out into the world what you wish to receive in return.

Pray for the victims as well as the perpetrator. Why? Because that is what God would have you do. If you are unable to grasp this concept, then you have more work to do. And it is no surprise that many of you have not reached this level of grace yet. That is why you are here and why We are here as well.

Our goal is to teach and guide you. We love you always and understand you have more to learn. We do not judge just as We ask that you not judge as well. There is a purpose for every life experience. By eagerly seeking the lessons, you gain power over the emotions attached to these events. Be open and embrace your learning. By having this balance, you gain so much more of the intended purpose. Fear is lost upon you because terror and violence will not affect your soul. Accept the energy of these current events and transition it into something that rivals the turmoil with an even more intense healing. This is what God would do.

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