Your Soul Journey

You were never promised that this journey would be easy. If it weren’t challenging you would learn very little. You currently don’t realize how much you stand in your own way. It is your fear, anxiety, emotional pain and even vengeance that blocks your forward progress.

If you were able to look at just the lesson and relieve yourself of the baggage of hurt, turmoil and judgment, you would move so much faster. Why are you always holding your breath? Life will not impact you if you accept and absorb it. Steadying yourself for damage will always bring you damage. It is your perspective that really needs to change.

An example is injury or abuse in childhood.

  1. The lesson is to learn how to value yourself and not accept the hurtful opinion of someone else. Is there some truth to their words? Then, make changes. Are they purposely hurtful? Let it go.
  2. Avoid harming your own children in such a way.
  3. Be able to speak to others who have experienced this same turmoil.
  4. Be able to speak to those who have caused this turmoil in the lives of their own children.
  5. Be able to forgive your own harmful adults and the people who have harmed their own loved ones.
  6. Give it all to God.

You see that there is no place for permanent injury, vengeance or wreaking havoc on your own children’s lives. These are all positive, proactive steps. God lives in each of these responses.

Your growth is intended to be stable, secure and grounded. You are surrounded by God and you behave as God. Acting out is not your way.

It matters not how your ancestors lived and behaved unless you are able to learn positive, uplifting qualities from them. You don’t “owe” anyone and retribution is not for you to serve. If you were taught anger or depression, you must do the work and learn tolerance and forgiveness.

If you cry and admonish your life every day, then you are doing something wrong. Everything is a lesson and an experience. It is like doing assignments when you were in school. You were given the experience and you responded. You were able to give an enlightened, mature response and received a passing grade. You submitted an immature, self-focused response and you did not pass and would be given the same type of experience again. If you still were unable to grow and learn from the experience, it would be a repeated cycle in your life until you reacted differently.

Some people never pass on certain goals. You see them all the time in your every day life. They choose the same partners, lose money in the same ways, suffer similar injuries, have tense relationships with the same people… They have not changed their perspective and continue to repeat the same circumstances. They may have had lofty, spiritual goals for this life but they were not able to overcome some basic stuff. A lot was left undone. They would likely have to reincarnate again and tackle the same goals.

This cycle has claimed many of you. Even now, as We attempt to break you free of dogma and self-serving behavior, you still cling to ineffective and unproductive behavior. We explain the steps to achieve a spiritually successful life in simple terms and you cling to what you feel, need and want. The idea of letting go of all of the repetitious cycles in your life is unnerving and scary. You feel you NEED all of the blockages just to get through a day.

The successful approach to life is to free yourself of expectations and ALLOW God and spirit to guide you. Imagine walking through life with two angels by your side. Are each of your responses to conflict and contrast something that these angels would accept as part of your journey to enlightenment? If you gossip at work, demean your child, steal money from aging adults… would these angels condone it? Are you on the right track? No.

The boundaries between good/bad, positive/negative and proactive/disruptive are very clear. You are not able to say you don’t understand the differences with your responses and responses condoned by angels, God and spirit. No one is buying this.

Meet each day with the intent of no do-overs. Be positive and proactive all day long. Meet each challenge and learn the lessons. Be able to spot your cycles and put an end to them. By living in the light you will be given more light. Along with this majestic energy comes your actual life goals. Nothing will bring you down because it was never intended to do so. It is all intended to teach you.

Relax and build your life within the light. Stop bracing for a collision because what happens to you is intended to happen. You asked for each experience so you may learn the lessons. Each life has a different roadmap of experiences. Being stuck in a rut means that you may be learning the same lessons over and over again. You already have these experiences from another life but through fear you keep relearning the same stuff. Rather than standing tall and meeting the world head on, you stoop and gaze at the ground shrouded in relearning things so far beneath your actual soul age. Why even be here if you want to duck out on the real intent of this life?

You are strong, spiritual, enlightened and destined to make some important progress in your own life and those of your loved ones as well. You are here to make an impact and bring about astonishing change. You wanted to be here to teach love, understanding and forgiveness.

This journey is not disguised by menial, petty activity. Shake off the dogma and gain access to reform, redemption, and self-actualization. Be the light that you seek and refuse to be limited by things that you have already learned. There is a joy in life that God has given to each of you. Once you have released the fear and relaxed your white-knuckled grip, you will find it and be bathed in the glory.

Then, if you begin to repeat those meaningless cycles, be able to recognize this and again push to find the glory in each day and quest for your true goals. You came here to earth to matter and be productive. Every lesson is to be met, embraced and learned from. Then, these lessons build one upon the other and you will be able to meet God in heaven.

The stairway you have been building leads nowhere and you have spent valuable time building and rebuilding it. Do not let this be your legacy. Embrace your path and be who you intended to be. You will always have Our love. God will support and embrace you still. The difference is you will live genuine, honest and ambitious. No more dark and deceptive behavior. You’re only hurting yourself. It is Our goal to show you the way.

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