Aunt Marian 0.1

My aunt passed on June 6th and she visited me this Saturday. That was fast but I am assured this was because she was ready to transition back to the Other Side. Today’s post is from her.

This is good advice to family, friends and loved ones, which includes you!

  1. Look for the purpose of your tears. There are lessons to be learned behind sadness, sorrow and even joy. You experience these emotions for specific reasons and if you don’t seek those reasons you will have learned nothing.
  2. Be prepared for things to happen. Set roots and be strong. Don’t just loosely follow along. If you don’t withstand any impact, who you are will be too vulnerable to your life, experiences and environment.
  3. Everything is ok. Be reassured that your life happens as expected. You are simultaneously learning and in control. There really is nothing that occurs haphazardly.
  4. Hope- it all works out. This is what life is.
  5. You give too much of yourself away. Somehow you diminish who you are in order to be subservient to others. There is no need for this. Keep your strength and lead rather than bow down.
  6. Help others and expect help when you need it. Don’t identify your needs and who will come through for you. Simply allow the universe to bring you help from many different sources.
  7. Don’t hold desperately to what you have. This is the surest way to lose it. Hold on loosely and expect to have everything you need. If you do lose something it is because you will be given something greater.
  8. Live off part of your income and set some aside.
  9. You are a part of many human chains for many purposes. You tend to limit who you are and what you are capable of. Open up rather than pinpoint your focus. You are needed in many more areas than what you are currently aware of.
  10. Keep love in your heart. Even when you are hurt or ashamed, be kind and forgiving.
  11. Miracles happen all of the time but you have to sensitive to the possibilities. Most of them are small and seemingly insignificant yet essential to the world. Expecting giant, broad-sweeping miracles will seldom be answered.
  12. Carry your own weight for as long as you can.
  13. Suffer losses and be sensitive to it but regroup quickly. You gather strength through adversity. By meeting your challenges and working through them, you gain valuable life experience and knowledge. No loss should be suffered without learning from it.
  14. Save “enough” but still live a fulfilling life.
  15. Give yourself an “out” when people intend upon exhausting you.
  16. Always share what you have more than enough of.
  17. People will bring you down if you let them.
  18. Share your beliefs with those who need something to believe in.
  19. Energy is fluid. Be sensitive to the good times and the bad, it is all a part of the process. Each type of lesson is important to learn.
  20. Travel is ok. But, invest more of your energy in “home.”
  21. Relax and celebrate often enough to release your unhappiness. If you never let your guard down, joy will be lost to you as well.
  22. Healing others brings healing to you.
  23. Sometimes turning the key is the most stressful part of opening a new door. There may be joy and love inside and fret was wasted.
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