Why do we suffer from these horrific events like the club attack in Orlando? It is intended to bring us all together as a global community. This is more about empathy and understanding than fear or anger. In order to properly respond to this tragedy you must lose your judgment that you hold against others.

The victims are human. They are sons, daughters, parents, children and friends. What they are not is deserving of this horror. It is similar to the HIV/AIDS epidemic of years past. Some people actually believed that people who were “queer” deserved a painful death and it was God’s way of cleansing them from the earth. Do you recall this mindset?

This prejudice crossed all boundaries of wealth, gender and even sexual orientation since some contracted HIV through dirty needles. Your view on HIV/AIDS when you first became aware of the disease may be vastly different compared to how you feel about the same circumstances now. Have you discovered some much-needed empathy? Has your life and possibly the lives of your friends and family been touched by loving someone who is gay? Whatever disdain or animosity may be turned around to love and understanding.

It is a process to shift our global consciousness about any one topic. Perhaps it takes a few generations. What these events bring to us is a firm push toward benevolence. Resist your tendency for to speak in terms of US and THEM. Each human deserves certain essential rights and everyone needs love and understanding. God pushes our acceptance of certain circumstances by ensuring we are impacted by them.

This is only one aspect of humanity that needs more forward thinking. Remember in the past when you had no knowledge of cancer, heart disease or Parkinson’s Disease. Since then you have had someone who was challenged by one of these conditions. Through time, understanding and experience you have more knowledge now. The diagnosis of yourself or loved ones lacks the overwhelming feelings that you used to have. You have matured and grown more confident through experience.

Another example of expanding the global consciousness is related to global warming. In the past many people questioned the validity of such claims. They felt it was rhetoric or sensationalism. Over time we have seen more complications related to climate. We are beginning to understand what is happening and what the causes are. We are far from being unanimous in our belief that some irreparable damages are occurring to our plant and animal life. The water levels are rising, the polar ice caps are shrinking and the climates are shifting. After more time a greater portion of the population will accept this concept and take steps to reverse some changes.

These shifts in wisdom, empathy and maturity take time. Your first impression of the events in Orlando were likely the most accurate. You felt sorrow and shock as people lost their lives. Did you stop to be critical of their lifestyle or did you simply grieve? An angry, violent person took many lives because of what may be negative, ignorant and prejudice beliefs. We must look at his need to judge and condemn as something we all need to let go of. He was not right and our thinking which may mirror his, to some extent, is also not right. Even the seeds of hate are inexcusable.

You wonder why a soul would come to earth and leave in a tragic manner. These souls are evolved. They know many lifetimes of learning and they believed they were ready to be a part of something greater than themselves. They are eons ahead of us. They came into this life to teach the rest of us through diversity. They were someone’s child. They had hopes and dreams. They had goals in life. It was part of their responsibility to be loving, supportive and irreplaceable in all of our lives. If we did not love each of them then their display of sacrifice would mean less. At some point they realized that they had different preferences than the larger society. Then, they had to carry on and become self-actualized knowing that many in the world around them did not understand or accept them. They were the banner carriers of being your true self.

Each family has been touched by loving someone who is gay. This beautiful soul chose this difficult journey. They decided to be their true self and celebrate their joy. The varying degrees of conflict and adversity were individual to each of them. Some suffered more animosity than others, but each of them chose this path and endured. They arrived at the point at which they would teach the world about unconditional love.

Many lives were lost but we are able to learn by knowing them. They were human, just like us. We all are someone’s child, parent, sibling, friend… Each life matters. We wanted to learn about love and acceptance. They stepped up to teach us and bring us closer to God.

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