You May Have Forgotten…


  1. You are never alone. You have many guides, departed loved ones, angels and various deities (pertaining to your beliefs) around you. It is likened to an entourage. There are MANY beings with you at every moment.
  2. You are worthy of love, forgiveness and spiritual success. Some have been berated by people in their lives and begin to actually believe they are inferior to others and do not deserve any happiness. Your abuser(s) are wrong. God is available to all at every moment. This is a learned behavior to feel unworthy. To reverse it takes time and persistence. It truly may take a day at a time or even moment to moment. Embrace the love of God and receive help to feel valuable again.
  3. You may be stuck in a situation that is not a part of your life chart. Many of you have repeating cycles in your life. These circumstances only repeat because you have not learned the lessons and allowed yourself to move on. The first step is to recognize the cycle and learn from them. Then, make positive changes so that your actual life chart may begin again.
  4. It is ok to be self-protective while you heal. Recovering from some damaging situations or relationships may take time. It is good to step back from some stress until you regain some of your spiritual strength. These periods of rest should only be temporary.
  5. There must be a balance between your inward and outward focus. Spending too much time focusing outward will leave you underdeveloped and stagnant. Many people use this as a coping strategy because they feel some things are easier to deal with by ignoring them. This is not recommended. Do the work and resolve your emotional issues as well as participate in your outward environment. This is a balance that will promote spiritual advancement. Emotional health arises when you properly care for your inner strength and outward growth.
  6. Past mistakes do not doom you to purgatory or hell. There is always room to turn your life around and be positive and hopeful again. Many mistakes that happened in youth are forgiven because they occurred when you were immature and impulsive. Mistakes as you age may be from organic changes in your brain and they are also placed in context and forgiven. You may have sought a relationship with the darkness but absolution is still possible if you reverse your thoughts and behavior and seek the light. Making amends is viewed very highly by God and spirit.
  7. Seeking medicine and treatment for illness and disease is acceptable. God created Eastern and Western medicine. Many scientists/ healers in spirit work tirelessly seeking treatment and cures for many of our human ailments. They then pass this information along to those of us on earth in a position to test and seek approval for it. This phenomena is very common.
  8. Travel may be helpful to gain inspiration but relocation is not necessary. You have had many lives in which you lived in many lands. You came here to exist, experience and make positive changes to the place where you arrived. Seeking relocation for political, religious or lifestyle reasons will actually interfere with your chart. This is not a case for martyrdom but rather a way to make positive strides in  human evolution. It is helpful to view this as working for God and not working for your own benefit.
  9. Leaders are needed. Too often people step back when a cause is being addressed. What is truly needed is active, industrious effort to make positive changes. The world needs leaders and followers. You must choose when you are needed to step into either role.
  10. Resist interfering with the energy of God. You may be inspired by God, spirit, angels, saints or any other Heavenly Host. Then, you allow your own prejudice and judgment to alter the intent of God. Remaining grounded, cleansed and clear will help you align with the true inspiration of God. You must have some clear introspection in order to keep from interfering with your chart. Selfish must be converted to selfless. Materialism transformed into self-sustaining. Wealth balanced by philanthropy. Your life goals are truly this obvious. Work for God and then go home.
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