What Would Help


What will help you to find ascension more attractive than self-guided materialism? Here are some suggestions. Remember that everything We advise is to be taken in moderation. Make smaller steps in order to maintain the changes rather than overwhelm yourself and lose your progress.

  1. Independence is essential. You must be able to walk a path that many of your close family and friends are not taking. It may be helpful to change one portion of your life toward spiritual gains and keep your ties to loved ones intact. Read books, visit websites, join group which promote spiritual development. You may be able to keep your current job, maintain your close relationships and minimize calling unnecessary attention to yourself while you align with your soul and begin to complete your chart.
  2. Pray daily. Communication is a two-way process. The more you speak to your Creator the more likely you are to hear God and spirit speak, sense spiritual help, recognize synchronicity and feel compelled by something greater than you. If you don’t open to God there is little chance that the grace of spiritual success will happen for you. There is a softness about prayer that will replace many of those walls that you have erected out of fear, anger or depression. It will become more like talking to your best friend and confidante.
  3. Faith is very important. It is a “knowing” that may often seem indescribable. You know that God is with you. You understand that you have a greater purpose. Your life will become more open and loving. You will accept that you have much to learn without question. The synchronicity and flow will make undeniable sense and you will expect more of your intended experiences to teach you what you need to know. Faith is comfort, contentment and a sense of belonging. You will resist asking, “Why me?” “What did I do to deserve this?” “Why is this happening to me?” Instead you will say, “Yes, I accept this experience and I will do my best to understand the lessons I am intended to learn. Thank you for your love and guidance.”
  4. Empathy is a good way to accept the trials of those around you. You are expected to learn from your own experiences as well as those of the people around you. It would be unreasonable for you to learn everything personally. Instead, We encourage you recognize some occurrences in the lives of your loved ones, the people in your local community, as well as those in your global community. You are a portion of the global energy and learning from the experiences of others will add volumes to your own ascension.
  5. Seek communion with others of like-mind. You will find companionship, support, ideas and a vast amount of inspiration. You are not alone in your desire to find God and return to the world consciousness from where you came. If your spiritual journey is just beginning, you will find others new to this evolution and mentors who will help to guide your efforts. If you have been on this journey for a while you will find others who have also travelled a long time and you will share experiences with them. Humans are social beings. God created you to share your lives and make progress together. Many spiritual gains are increased when it involves a group. The combined energy increases exponentially. Much will be done in a positive, proactive, group setting.
  6. Be more comfortable with your faith and belief in God. Are you worried that your loved ones will not be accepting of your faith? Will someone ridicule you? If this is possible it is acceptable to praise God in private. Your inner dialog may easily be about faith, acceptance, forgiveness, healing and unconditional love. Increased faith brings greater strength, wisdom and maturity. You will be less emotional. You will find stability to weather conflict. Be “One With God” and represent strength and confidence that others may not know.
  7. Recognize when relationships and circumstances are having a negative effect on you. Creating distance from unhealthy things is a good start. You may have undeniable connections that you must maintain but it is possible for you to improve your soul-health and keep some marginal relationships. The key is to focus more on your spiritual growth and care less about what these darker energy people or circumstances mean to you. The more you grow into the light, the less these troubling interactions will feel acceptable to you. You will naturally seek people who are positive and hopeful. It is true that you decide how people treat you. If they are disrespectful you may choose to have less contact with them. You may suggest they approach you with more positivity so that they will know what behavior you find unacceptable. If someone is truly negative with darker energy, they may walk away from you because you have changed the way that they are allowed to treat you. Some relationships are unavoidable, especially with family. This is an instance when you would value their opinion less in order to promote your own good emotional and physical health.
  8. Find your Zen. Dwelling in the past or future may derail your progress. Being “in the moment” will cut through a lot of distractions. You’ll find that your present life is where much of the changes will happen simply because you will allow them. You won’t be pushing into the past or future and your “now” will be guided by a stronger connection to God and spirit. Looking forward will be unnecessary since your intended life will flow to you with grace. Looking back is only helpful to learn from your mistakes so you won’t repeat them. Then, let it go. This release will support a forgiving attitude since you have learned from your past experiences and it was all necessary. Your “now” may be genuine if you let go of all attachments and find it positive to just “be.”
  9. Get involved with positive, uplifting causes. There are a multitude of opportunities to make a positive impact. Be honest and caring. Do not seek any recognition. Be content to do your best and make something better.
  10. Become introspective and realize your tendency to be dishonest, manipulative, unfair or overly emotional. Make some changes over time. Do your best to accept constructive input. Being defensive will limit the amount of factual information you will have access to. No one is perfect. There are some positive and proactive changes you may make without anyone else’s involvement. Improve your life and behavior just because it is what God would have you do. Each day may be an homage to God and spirit by increasing the light you posses and the light you send into the universe. Be that bright, helpful, industrious person that everyone wants to be around.
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