The Selfish Slip

You all slip from time to time. You try to make changes and for some reason you either switch right back or slip at least part of the way. This is expected and understandable. We wish to provide you with more information because the more you know, the more informed you are, the better your decisions.

You seek pleasure whether spending excessively, living with few restrictions, lower expectations for yourself, being irresponsible or chasing the dollar with little concern for your soul chart. You find it hard to keep yourself accountable for spiritual growth and fulfilling your agreement with God.

Your current idea of pleasure has very little to do with the feelings of spiritual success We are promoting. The guidelines are different, the goals are different and the outcomes are vastly different. Spiritual success is very exciting as well but you have a habit of seeking the usual avenues of what you have determined “feels good.”

Spiritually advanced people also have fun, do exciting things, meet enjoyable people, travel to wonderful destinations and develop positive relationships. It may be different but it is not without its rewards.

You must give this evolved lifestyle a try. Once you begin to make progress you will also feel the pleasure of success and the joy of accomplishment. The major difference is that this kind of success directly contributes to soul growth and self-actualization. The more evolved you become, the more progress you make in your spiritual growth. It IS feeling safe, secure, motivated, content and accomplished.

Financial success may also be available as well. The goal isn’t making money but it may be a pleasant outcome. Shift your goals from money to ascension and make sure the Universe knows you also need to make a living. Everything flows. There will be fewer highs and lows. Emotional stability feels good and gives you the added foundation to reach your goals.

Alcohol and drugs diminish your connection to God. You stop maturing at the age you began to use substances to manage stress, emotions or as your only way to socialize. These substances will damage your body and create multiple medical conditions. When your Dr. states that your illness is due to alcohol abuse or certain types of drug abuse, you may want to be in denial. You would rather think that these substances have no negative affect upon you.

Overeating and fatty foods will also diminish your connection. The fats and sugar will slow down your body and cloud your ability to function effectively. Food is also addictive and will create and contribute to illness and disease. Added weight impacts your overall health as well.

Promiscuity will also contribute to illness and disease. You will also suffer emotionally through multiple relationships, being codependent, being abused or abusive, feelings of worthlessness, depression and possibly getting a bad reputation. Some things may “feel good” but they are very destructive to your overall health and well-being.

You must live within your means. To overspend, neglect to follow through with your financial obligations, file for bankruptcy AND leaving unpaid debts for your heirs is unacceptable. God wishes you to be honest and responsible. This is living in the light and striving to do better. If you are in the habit of overextending your credit and shortchanging others, this is dishonest and displays darker energy. By manipulating your own or the finances of others you are being disrespectful. God expects you to attempt to do better as time goes by. It is far easier to accept some financial troubles early in life as long as you learn from your mistakes and try to make amends.

These are but a few examples of ways that you make a slip. You may fully realize your intent and wish not to improve your energy and habits. There are also times when you don’t realize that you are coping ineffectively. This may be time to seek the advice of others. Perhaps once you are aware of your tendency to slip you will make more effort to improve. Living honestly involves many things. Ignoring some of your worst habits will not get you the spiritual growth that you seek.

We encourage you to “be good” and “do good.” If you are unable to fully comprehend this advice it is probably time to develop some honesty, empathy, being conscientious and a desire to make your life better as well as the lives of those around you. It is very difficult to be selfish when you are busy being thoughtful and considerate.

Sending light into the universe is the best way to receive it!


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