The Evolution of Energy

Energy may be a physical manifestation. You may recognize that being near certain people will give you a sense or feeling. They make you feel good or not so hot. This is energy emanating from each person. You may also know someone and can sense when they are angry, happy or excited. Many times this is by looking at them but it also may be noticeable by feeling the energy that they cast off.

You are amazed by spirit being able to manifest orbs of light. This same phenomenon may be responsible for the effects that you feel when someone sends you energy or you produce your own energy with a positive or negative origin. There are many instances that this sensation of energy will either help or hinder you.

  1. Pain or discomfort will produce a negative sensation around you. You may feel perfectly fine everywhere else but your lower back. It is this area that energy healers will sense and be drawn to. A healer has intuition which will guide them to the affected areas of your physical being.
  2. Anger will also send a signal outward. Sensitive people will pick up on it and approach you to see if they can help or they will run the other way. This emotion may fill a room. People who are angry or depressed may fill their environment with the same dark and dismal energy. If you spend any amount of time in their location, your mood will also suffer. This person may  also complain of aches and pains and you may begin to feel the same ailments.
  3. People may also send fear out into the area around them. If they are upset or uncomfortable others in their environment may also become upset. The person responding to the bad energy may not actually know why they are so nervous or fearful.
  4. Sometimes a person may actually send energy to you. This is ok if they love and appreciate you but not so positive if they are angry at you. Their energy may feel very real to you. You may begin to feel irritated, grumpy or ill. If they are staring at your back in anger you may begin to get back ache, perhaps a headache at the base of your skull like a stress headache or any other general malaise of your posterior. Once the person is gone, your symptoms will likely be relieved.
  5. Energy may also get stuck in or around an object. Perhaps a worrisome person has sold some personal items. People begin to feel anxiety after they have taken ownership of one or more of the objects. There may be no sense of reason to why someone feels so unsettled. Some people may know to cleanse or clear an object of any energy prior to bringing it into their home or environment. These items may be nondescript but they also may be highly significant such as a wedding dress, inherited jewelry or a favorite chair.
  6. Sometimes an illness or injury may be created by thoughts or actions. If you tell yourself that you have a broken heart since a relationship ended, you may actually sense some shortness of breath, perspiration and/or pressure in your chest. If you persist with this thought, an actual cardiac condition may develop. This is the Law of Attraction. Do you feel like you carry the load for yourself and many others? You may develop back pain or a back injury. Is someone a pain in your neck? Yes, this is something that may be created by continuous, repeated thoughts or verbalizing this sentiment often. The Universe gives you what you ask for and the product of your repeated thinking.
  7. The best news is that others may also heal you and send you pleasant, loving thoughts. Have you heard of a Prayer List? Many people may gather and send the same wish or blessing to people. They are in agreement to focus upon certain people for specific assistance. The power of prayer will grow exponentially when many people are involved. The energy grows greater and carries more impact. You may be uncomfortable with the word prayer but you may call it what you wish. It is a blessing, wish, hope or any other word which suits you. You don’t have to attend church in order to pray.
  8. Healers may sense what pain or injury you are suffering from. They may do a body scan of you and send their healing to areas that need support or healing. They do not need to be in your presence. This type of healing may be done from anywhere in the world. It is called remote healing. This form of energy may be as successful as a hands-on healing.
  9. People who work well with energy know that many different things may be possible. Some will shield their vehicle while travelling so they are not stopped by the police. Others may block an unfamiliar dog from approaching them and their vulnerable pet by building an “energy” wall around themselves. Some people will enter a room before a party and bring the colors up to bright and vibrant so that everyone has a good time. Students may surround themselves in white light while taking a test to block any distractions.
  10. While enlightened people may use energy to boost and heal others, there are darker humans that will hurt, injure or cause illness. Daily self-care includes protecting yourself from these hurtful people. Surround yourself in white light and keep your mood, energy and behavior positive. Many delightful and enjoyable things will come to you more easily. With daily communication with God and your guides, everything that you want and need will flow to you.

What you send out into the universe is what you will get back! Be that enlightened soul who sends love and healing to all others. Resist sending dark energy to anyone and also be reminded to recognize any dark energy that you may have received or gathered. Always be in the LIGHT!






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