Flashes, Sparks and Balls of Light


Since you have the gracious presence of blissful energy of 2016, spirit may present themselves to you in colorful sparks, flashes and other forms of “light.” You may notice something move in your peripheral vision, near things that you are looking at or perhaps around your physical being.

These are guides, departed loved ones, angels, archangels or other forms of Heavenly beings. They present themselves to you so that you know and understand that they are with you.

At times they are near things of interest to you such as a chair you would like to purchase, your check book if you are about to spend some money, near someone who may need you or influence your life soon, around some photos of loved ones they align with or perhaps who they are or any other meaningful place where you are likely to see them.

Other times they appear in areas that have no bearing to who they are or what message they would like to give to you. This would be described as random and their presence near you is the only important factor.

This is a good sign. We repeatedly remind you that you are never alone but in times of stress you may forget this and feel alone and without support. These lights are visual embodiments of your spiritual entourage.

The colors represented are what the spirit or guide is adorned with, the emotion they are sending you, the chakra color which represents the areas of your life they are helping you with, their favorite color, their stage of healing if they are a departed loved one or perhaps the common color they are associated with such as archangels. Many colors are possible.

They need to absorb energy to make themselves visible. They don’t need much. They will use enough energy to present themselves for as long as they feel would be noticeable. Sometimes the guide or departed loved one will be very adept at using our energy to manifest many things which will attract your attention. They are either well rehearsed in energy usage or they have recently left human form so our energies are still familiar to them. The better they are the more bright and noticeable the display.

The best direction to take would be to acknowledge someone’s presence. Resist the urge to feel fearful. Perhaps you are not familiar or don’t understand the orbs so you respond in fear of the unknown. Remember that beings who are of the Light and come from God will be able to present as white, gold, blue, pink, silver… Any darker being will not be able to present or maintain a bright color. Relax. Be comforted that loved ones, guides or other beings of light are near you for support, to bring you messages, healing and encouragement. Or, it may be a special occasion, an anniversary of a death, birth or other significant event.

You are not going crazy or losing your eyesight. These embodiments of light are near you out of love. God takes many forms and there are a multitude of Heavenly beings that were created by Him to bring you feelings of peace, comfort and grace.



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