Becoming Your Higher Self

We have been trying to convince you of the importance of your initial commitment to this planet and your Universe. It may seem unnecessarily grim but We want you to know that you came here with intent and you have not followed through…yet.

There are concrete ways to become more positive, visually bright and vocal. We will guide you through these steps so when it is your turn to be called upon for service you will be ready. You will not be prepared if you are full of conflict and chaos. We will prepare you to accept your duties and be cleansed and cleared in order to function optimally.

  1. Have positive thoughts and perform positive actions.
  2. Hold yourself up to a higher standard.
  3. Dismiss thoughts of gossip and forming alliances to hurt someone.
  4. Find more freedom to relax and allow your actual life to come to you easily.
  5. Be mindful through out your day. Avoid extremes in mood or behavior.
  6. Release your need to judge.
  7. Send love and prayer to those who need help and understanding.
  8. Give any upset or turmoil to God.
  9. Release your need to control people, alliances, situations or events.
  10. Give thanks for all of your gifts, blessings and experiences.
  11. Nurture the next generation and teach them to nurture the generation that follows.
  12. Be a positive role model.
  13. Send hope, light and forgiveness into the Universe.
  14. Do not just see others with your eyes. See with your heart, soul and commitment to help.
  15. Teach others about God and how to find their own life purpose.

Changes may happen daily. Do your best to avoid being overwhelmed by needed changes which may block any actual changes from occurring.

Remember that when you are on your path it is not a wall, fence or barrier of any kind. Paths are gentle, nurturing and full of hope. Your footfalls are soft and there is much to behold as your journey continues. People, spirit and beings from the Divine may approach you, walk with you or influence your progress. Your path is never stagnant. It evolves and flows like your life’s energy.

You are never alone. There are many loved ones, guides and Divine beings who accompany you at all times.





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