The Intent of Your Commitment


Everyone who is in an earth life now has intentionally come to this plane to be a part of the cataclysm of change. It is imperative that you think about what your original intent was for you to be in human life right now.

Think of it as another dramatic time of change, turmoil and reorganization. It is yet another event of biblical proportions. The upheaval is caused by your own degradation of your own planet. There are many events that will impact you, the earth and part of your solar system.

Think of the energy that you are sending out into the Universe. There is waste, spoil, over use and depletion of resources. You are sending toxic mental and physical waste into the atmosphere. Your own bad habits are creating an irreversible demise to the habitability of earth.

Many people ask when the world will end. The earth will not cease to be but you will. The effects of all the negative changes will leave earth a desolate rock. You came here to be a part of the destruction of human life on this planet.

This is not the beginning but perhaps nearing the first third of the process. Soon the second third will begin and it will be far more dramatic than what you have seen up to now. If you are here in earth life now you will not see the second third of destruction. Your children may but your grandchildren are guaranteed to witness and experience it.

What did you hope to gain from being incarnate now? Because you are the banner carriers, bloggers, letter writers, rally organizers, developers of alternative energy, disease curers and any other purpose which will attempt to reverse the desolation of earth and improve the energy that you send into the Universe. You wanted to be on the front lines. This is admirable but you have lost your way.

Think about your part in this process of change. Much of what has already been done is irreversible. Are you challenging the waste or adding to it? Are you teaching your children and grandchildren how to reverse the changes that have already occurred or to stop new changes? Do you recycle? Are you converting to solar or geothermal power? Have you begun to support whole foods? Are your habits positive or are there changes that need to be made?

You are the head of the family. Your intent was to be here, at this time, to spearhead changes that will benefit you and the next 7 generations of your family. This is a profound responsibility. Have begun your part yet?

There are other planets and other lives to be lived but YOU decided that the earth was worthy of your time. You decided to incarnate now and you brought your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren here even if they haven’t been born yet. This is the beginning of your legacy. It is important. You have bet your life and the coming lives of your offspring on it.

If the habitability of earth is not preserved then your great-grandchildren will need to be resourceful and ingenious. There are some very difficult questions that will need to be answered. The grandeur of the whole process is that your descendants actually charted to experience the turmoil of a dying planet. Kudos to them!

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