Games of Chance

Spirit is explaining that many of you are wishing to play games with your ascension. Whether it be rock, paper, scissors or some other game you will not get the Universe to play along. The intent of this site is to give you the groundwork and walk with you as you make the changes to realign with your chart. Your attempts to delay your return to your chart will not get you any further along and you will have wasted precious time. You seem to have made a decision that you will live as you have been and focus on your life purpose later.

This does not bring favor to you. Your guides are insistent that you begin to repair your life direction and make progress toward your self-actualization. You are losing ground by playing these bartering games.

Each of you have come into this current earth life for a reason. This is the end of an era and the earth may fail to be habitable for many more generations. YOU wanted to be here on the cusp of major changes in the environment, social structures, governing bodies and the economic system. This is the pressure cooker for those most adventurous souls. You relished the idea of being here to impact some life changing events.

Now that you are here you have been misguided to believe that your one life does not impact the Universe. This is very far from true. You have a lot of responsibility. There are many pressures coming and you volunteered to be here to see everything through. You stood up and claimed to be one of the best and the brightest. You made the roll call and now humanity rests in the hands of you and the many others who also volunteered.

Please don’t be dismissive. Think quietly about the importance of the role that you came here to play. No games. No sleight of hand. You pledged yourself to this era of substantial change.

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