There Is Balance

We see some bruised egos after the post yesterday. You are feeling misunderstood. Maybe you feel chastised because you want things and not necessarily what God has intended for you. There is a balance. It is called moderation. Resist your urge to go too far to any extent and remain more moderate.

We have discussed in the past how many of you have money goals included in your agreement with God. Get your degree, work the hours and embrace the spoils of success. Then, give back. Wealth is not negative if you are loving, honest and considerate. Giving of yourself does not have to be a burden. Find something that brings you joy and provide this activity, past time or place to others who are less fortunate. Do what you love and include others. Share. Give gifts and be available.

Your prosperity must be tempered with some qualities.

  1. Do not expect recognition.
  2. Do not expect anything in return.
  3. Do not boast about what you have done.
  4. Do not judge those you have chosen to give to.
  5. Do not be disappointed if your gift was not received in the manner in which you hoped.

You may be worried about the disparity of what God wants and what you want. You may have gone as far as to feel inadequate because your current goals are not worthy of Heaven. Be reminded that God and other Heavenly Hosts do not judge. We accept you just as you are and do not demand you take another direction. We guide. To guide is to gently present you with options that you considered when you lived in spirit and were busy developing this life chart. As a soul you had different goals than you have now as a human. This is the truth and it is not intended to hurt your feelings. We want to guide you back to your chart. Simple.

You may find your chart by allowing God and spirit to speak to you and bring about opportunities for changes. Your life may be laid out nicely in front of you but you must be able to “see” it. This sight comes from meditation, prayer, cleansing and existing in the moment. If you allow your mind to stop churning, God will be heard. It is in the stillness that true inspiration arrives.

You may begin to sound different, make unexpected decisions, be more relaxed, appear to be at peace, seem wise & emotionally mature, be loving, be generous and well rested. Do these qualities sound like being a failure? No. This is what you gain from allowing God to speak to you and guide you to love and forgiveness. Keeping only positive thoughts in mind will push your spiritual success forward. Allowing any ego, want or despair back into your life will begin to undo all of your progress. Even then, We will not judge and We accept you still.

God has created unconditional love. We find joy in Our hearts just to be able to share some part of your life. We exist only because you exist. We have never felt disappointment during your life. We only wish to bring you back to the agreement that you made with God when you planned this earth life.

What happens if you continue to seek other goals and more earthly pleasures? You return home and then you remember what your original intent was for this life. You look from your stack of things and possessions and then look at the list of goals that were left undone. Looking between the two you realize that you became misguided by earth life and were lured away into thinking that so many other things were more important than God. You may feel disappointed but We are forever hopeful.

Our purpose here is to give you the direction that you need. Guide you to the pathways that you once were on but somehow lost. Present you with opportunities to regain your true intent and bring you face to face with the goals that you set in harmony with the Divine. Gently, loving and respectful.

It is never too late and you may always regain your original purpose. Can you still chase the $? Yes, but begin to introduce more altruistic goals. Communicate only within the light. Live honestly. Find time to give back and share your good fortune with those who have lost their way still. Be God, for God.

Your idea of success is not exclusive of the goals that you set for God. They may exist in your life together. This balance would be the epitome of success. You do not need to revamp your entire life. Moderation is the key. Your joy in what you do and what you have will function beautifully with the joy of knowing God and your true self.

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