What Brings You Peace?

This is such a beautiful time in the earth time continuum that We hope you take advantage of this breath of freedom and fill your life with some things that bring you joy. It may be flowers, artwork, a new pet, some new classes, a change in the colors of your living space or an exercise routine. You have not fully experienced the relaxed energy of this year yet.

Be at peace. Be humble and thankful. Stop asking for things and allow God and spirit to bring you what you need. Asking for things comes from a different place than gifts from the Universe. It originates from lack, want and need. There is a darkness to this basis of being needy. If you ALLOW you are empowering gifts from the light, love and God. The intent is formed in light and received in light.

Hopefully this is a relatable concept. Your focus now may be of desire and deserving. I want this and I need that. If you stop asking then God has the freedom to “provide.” Often, things that you think you need are not actually what will add fullness and purpose to your life. God will bring you what you need first.

You may ask a question and feel you have received an inaccurate answer. But, the answer you got is what you need to hear first. It will continue this way until spirit, departed loved ones and God have given you everything they want you to know. Then, you will receive the answer to the question that you asked. You may feel confused or misunderstood but God will use your openness to answers as an opportunity to guide you. If you hadn’t asked a question to begin with you likely would not have been receptive to the information that you ended up getting.

Be patient. You must believe that God will provide and you will receive your answers in time. The things you are asking for may be intended for later in life. Perhaps a beautiful new home when you are ready to retire and some acceptable rentals now. Improved health but you must practice meditation, clearing and cleansing in order to properly receive the healing. A new wardrobe but some resolution of emotional issues first so that your true identity will be represented. You will not be given the gift if you are not prepared to receive it.

It would be like God giving you a white, silk robe as you rest in a pig pen. There would be no understandable purpose for what you ask for if you have not prepared yourself first.

This may sound shocking and absurd but there is truth to this concept. This is why God is able to provide, if you stop asking. You have chosen to trust in your chart, the Universe and God to bring everything to you when it is time and in the proper circumstances. This is faith.

Spend your day being grateful for all that you have and be open to more. Gratitude will always bring more good things and events to you. It is the openness, joy and acceptance of prosperity that lays the groundwork for God’s gifts. Being appreciative brings more to appreciate. It is the Law of Attraction.

Your list of 10 things to do is not the same as God’s list of 10 things for you to do. Will you be given something before its time? No. Will you meet the perfect mate of you haven’t resolved some personal issues? Likely not. What you will receive is someone who fits into the framework of your current issues to bring you more of the same. The Law of Attraction works in the negative sense as well.

You may shop for a new home day after day. Things do not come easily and your finances are not in order. You watch each “perfect” home pass by and wonder when you will receive what you want. Then, your energy improves, you choose to be more realistic and you find a home which has promise. Then, you find the financing you need and are willing to make some changes in the home to meet your preferences. This was the time when that home would be made available to you and the details would resolve easily. The process will feel charmed. That year you pushed and tried to force the purchase of that “perfect” home did not coincide with your chart. You were not given something before its time.

Or, you forced the purchase of a home that you could not afford, extended your commute, was impractical or you discovered a serious structural issue after the purchase. You used your free will and forced something into being that was not charted. You experienced road blocks at every turn and things fell through or were confusing. You pushed through all of those RED FLAGS and bought it anyway. Now you have a money pit. Just stop. Send your wishes out into the Universe and allow God to fulfill your needs. You may have such an extensive wish list that no one could fill all of your expectations. This will block everything from flowing to you. It is like asking for nothing less than a colonial home with blue shutters and an oak tree out front. How about a colonial home with solid bones and you paint your shutters blue and plant an oak tree.

Don’t give the Universe so many specifics that you will be left unfulfilled because of it. Allow God to bring you joy, love and happiness because you have faith. Perhaps the process has more to do with a smaller home that needs a little work then a more suitable home after a few years. You don’t give people everything they ask for. Wouldn’t you expect them to be prepared for what they have asked you for? Otherwise, it is like flushing resources down the toilet. You’ll have regrets.

God will provide, but you must do the work. Get prepared and leave options flexible. The you who wrote your chart may have little in common with the you that is currently living for the perfect home, a new car, an island vacation home, winning the lottery, being president of the company… The you who wrote the chart had more in mind about the earth, animals, plants, curing disease, reversing climate changes, developing alternate energy sources, employing many people in a new business, establishing a community garden, bringing yourself and others to God…

Be still. Enjoy each moment. Stop sending pressure into the environment when things will happen in due time. The actual key to having everything that you want is to be OPEN. Don’t complicate the process or insist on too many specifics. You will never be allowed to skip from A to Z in any area of your life. There is a process which you may liken to growth and maturity. There is no learning in skipping all the steps to having all of your desires. You came into this life to experience and learn. If you have luxury and all the pieces of a wealthy life, then you are expected to give. Just having possessions is not God’s Will.

The pressure and negativity of this planet may have caused you some confusion. Stop and allow God to remind you of the agreement you made to live with faith. There is so much more to life than shiny, new things. Live it and grow into that soul being who wrote this chart. Align with God and embrace who you intended to be.

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